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31 Last-Minute Gifts That You Actually Want For Christmas

That isn't your two front teeth.

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Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they actually want for Christmas. Here are the 🎄 things they have on their lists:

1. A Starbucks and Barnes and Noble gift card because books and coffee go hand in hand.

"I'm so simple; I just want to read and drink too much caffeine. Why don't people understand this?!"

Rebecca Cook, Facebook

Get a Starbucks card here.

Get a Barnes and Noble gift card here.

2. A grocery store gift card to help with the day to day stuff.

"I always ask for the things that I want but don't need enough to buy for myself. But I always love getting things that just help with day to day stuff. Like grocery store gift cards."

Tiff Morris Goletski, Facebook

Get a Whole Foods gift card here.

3. A pair of good slippers and a toothbrush for foot comfort and dental hygiene.,

"An electric toothbrush and good slippers. My childhood-me would be horrified."

Marie-Claude Bennett, Facebook

Get the Haflinger slippers on Amazon for $61.

Get the Oral-B toothbrush on Amazon for $30.

4. An Amy Winehouse figurine just because.

Submitted by Naila Warren, Facebook

Get one from Amazon for $7.

5. A solid stand mixer to whip up a holiday treat.

Submitted by Nancy Vaillancourt, Facebook

Get one from Amazon for $189.

6. A cast-iron pan that will outlast the heat death of the universe.

Submitted by Erika Drewke, Facebook

Get one from Amazon for $33.

7. A "lifetime supply" of Nutella that absolutely no one will judge you for.

Submitted by Erika Purtell, Facebook

Get a two pack from Amazon for $17.

8. A Vitamix because you have the desire to pulverize almonds like it's nobody's business.

"Wait, is this BuzzFeed Food? I still really really want to pulverize almonds like it's nobody's business."

Becca Hodges, Facebook

Get one from Amazon for $439.

9. A nice pair of cowboy boots to help steer you in the right direction.

Justin Boots / Via Instagram: @justinboots_

"I’ve been mentioning for months that I need a new pair, we’ll soon see if Santa’s listening!"


Get a pair from Justin Boots here.

10. An emotional support dog to love and protect you.

Maplescorgi / Via

"I want an ESA (emotional support animal) dog to love and protect me and help my mental illness."


Adopt a pet from Petfinder here.

11. A Sephora gift card.

"Sephora gift card (and a healthy Christmas, ‘cause i’m sick)."


Get a gift card from Sephora here.

12. A Modern Renaissance Palette to add some variety to your look.

Submitted by bonbon5056

Get it from Sephora for $42.

13. A My Chemical Romance Black Parade jacket that is perpetually out of stock.

"The limited edition Black Parade ten year jacket. It has been perpetually out of stock, however, and sold out again far too quickly when it did come back into stock. So my ‘runner up’ desired gift is a new TV stand or money to pay the bills."—padawanryan

If it's available you can find it here at their merch store.

Similar looking jackets can be found on eBay here as well for $50.

14. A book called Why Drag? and an Omega juicer because why not?,

"The book Why Drag? because I’m drag obsessed. And also an Omega juicer. Lol"


Get the book on Amazon for $32.

Get the Omega juicer on Amazon for $219.

15. A garlic press because deep down, we all just really want a fancy garlic press.

"Deep down I really want a fancy, easy to use, easy to clean, garlic press."—maggiem46319e722

Get one from Amazon for $20.

16. A set of printer cartidges because that shit is expensive.

Pagadesign / Getty Images

Submitted by erinb47885f429

Get some from Amazon here.

17. A certain ship to happen. 🚢♥️


"I want my ship to happen ._."—tamoshikutakuki

18. A whole giant 5-pound bag of gummi bears because you're a responsible adult who can handle it.

Submitted by hrwheeler

Get a 5-pound bag from Amazon for $20.

19. A stethoscope to celebrate finishing nursing school.

"A new stethoscope! Just finished nursing school today!"—kimberleyb3

Congrats btw!

Get one on Amazon for $44.

20. A pair of damn good socks because we now realize their power.

Darn Tough Vermont / Via

"SOCKS!!! They are the lamest gift as a kid, but now I wear through mine so quickly because I ditch my shoes half way through my day so my socks have to take all the pressure."—nicolescoutg

Get a solid pair from Amazon for $20.

21. A set of chokers because THEY ARE BACK IN STYLE!

"I just want like 20 chokers. I think they are so cute, and I’m so happy they are in style this year!"—rosalie222

Get a set of them from Amazon for $8.

22. A new fragrance from Bath and Body Works or Victoria Secret so you can feel like a princess again.

"I haven’t been to either in so long and I just need to smell the wonderfulness and feel like a princess again!"—jamiealayna

Get a gift card from Bath and Body Works here.

Get a gift card from Victoria Secret here.

23. A promise ring for that special someone. 😉

"I always told my boyfriend that they were cheesy and I didn’t need one but I want a promise ring. I am not usually someone who gets something so fancy and we already know that we love each other and see ourselves getting married someday."—daisyh4e91b9f9e

Check out My Secret Wood's collection of rings here.

24. A jar of coconut oil, because you actually want it.

Submitted by synnes

Get one from Amazon for $8.

25. A cheese knife so each slice doesn't stick to the blade.

"Seriously, I just want cheese knives. We love to serve cheeses at parties, or eat it just because, and I have lots of cool platters."—katiep4848b41e7

Get one from Amazon for $9.

26. A bat kigurumi so you can start your own colony.

Submitted by lightningtroubadour

Get one from Amazon for $57.

27. A Fantastic Beasts screenplay that is quite fantastic.

Submitted by hufflegirl

Get it from Amazon for $15.

28. A custom Weasley sweater made with love and magic.

"A Weasley sweater with my first initial on it. (tbh I want to be a Weasley and have magical powers but I’d settle for the sweater)"


Get one from jmrm on Etsy for $100.

29. A pack of edible eyes and stick-on mustaches because you simply must have them.,

Submitted by holachurro

Get the eyes on Amazon for $16.

Get the mustaches on Amazon for $5.

30. A smartwatch for that New Year's resolution.

Mike / Amazon / Via

Submitted by jocelynr4f9fbe65d

Get one from Amazon for $270.

31. And this really loud Bluetooth speaker.

Submitted by heathernicoleflores

Get one on Amazon for $248.

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The comments used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.