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32 Amazing Gifts That Are Straight-Up Magic

“Yer a wizard, Harry.” —The products in this post

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1. Black running shoes that shine back a completely different color.

2. A mobile printer that turns your videos into living pictures.

3. A video doorbell so you can avoid talking to the delivery person.

4. Multi-chrome nail polish that shifts color as you paint it on.

5. A full-size air sofa that inflates in seconds with no power.

6. A levitating bonsai tree pot that you won't be able to stop watching.

7. A constellation scarf and skirt that light up and sparkle.

8. A flameless candle fountain that soothingly gurgles your stress away.

9. A galactic pendant that swirls silver, opal, and glass together into its own universe.

10. A collapsible strainer that won’t strain your drawer space.

11. A bioluminescent squirt gun that will make all your water fights look insane.

12. A color-changing umbrella that transforms when water is present.

13. A dandelion seed terrarium that's like a perfect still-life photo.

14. A light painter to create those mystical long-exposure photos.

15. A silver locket that will have your heart glowing.

16. A nifty water-resistant shirt to avoid all of life’s spills.

17. A spiral shelf that makes your books look like they are suspended at odd angles.

18. A sandscripter that will automatically draw soothing patterns in a zen garden.

19. A selfie stick that can easily swap from front to back.

20. An INSANELY AFFORDABLE, futuristic-looking light therapy mask that may zap your acne into oblivion.

21. A revolutionary suitcase that would make Mary Poppins proud.

22. A teardrop storm glass that will start to crystallize when the weather changes.

23. Color-adjusting lipstick that transforms itself into the perfect shade of pink for your skin tone.

Get it from Amazon for $17 or Birchbox.

24. An entrancing, multicolored record player that lights up to the beat of your music.

25. The MakeUp Eraser, a gentle cloth that needs only water and lasts up to 1,000 washes.

Get one from Amazon for $11.94+ (depending on the color) or from Sephora for $20.

26. A snazzy griddle bot that lets you create beautiful pancake art that's worthy of a museum.

27. A smart notebook that erases itself in the microwave and is cloud-compatible so you never *really* lose your notes.

Get one from Amazon for $27.

28. A captivating, transparent coffee table that houses a legit aquarium, because everyone knows a normal coffee table is way too boring.

29. Easy-to-use daily conditioners and weekly treatments that deposit color into your hair for instant, vibrant payoff.

Available colors include blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, and teal.

Get them from Overtone for $17+, or select colors from Urban Outfitters.

30. A special pen (which works in conjunction with an app) that mimics long-exposure light pen art and makes it accessible to anyone with an iPhone or iPad.

31. Wearable technology that increases feelings of energy and calmness through safe, low-level electrical pulses.

Read about how it works on the Thync website here!

Get it from Amazon for $199.99.

32. A majestic inflatable bubble for those who wouldn’t be caught dead in a tent.