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I Wore A Liquid-Proof T-Shirt For A Week And This Is What Happened

Water we have here?


"Hydrophobic" sounds like some derogatory slur from the 50s, but it's really used to describe the level of waterproofness. There are actually a few levels of what makes something "waterproof".

So what practical uses could this shirt offer that regular ol’ tees don’t?

I knew the shirt will resist water, but how would it handle sweat? How well does the fabric treatment hold up after a wash? Is the material comfortable? And most importantly for me: Would it smell less than a regular shirt if I wore it for more than one day? I was determined to find out.

I don't just perspire. I torrentially soak things with my armpits.

The biggest feature to me, is that while I'm wearing it, I’m completely unaffected by all the small spills that happen in life.

I wanted to see how the shirt would clean up after a wash. So I dumped coke on it.

And spiced it up with some Tabasco.

And attempted to wash it off with a glass of water.

Well, not everything beads off so easily. The tabasco left some stains.

Without using anything other than my regular detergent, the shirt was back to its pristine white beauty after a quick cycle in my washing machine.

And yes, the shirt is still liquid-resistant after a wash!

At the end of my seven day wear marathon, I had three fearless souls in my office smell my shirt.

The reactions were... surprisingly mild. Now, it’s not like I DIDN’T WASH for a week! I kept up my regular body care routines, just like anyone else would.

Priya the valiant.

Amanda the courageous.

Ben the brave.

Body odor can vary wildly from person to person, but I would have expected much worse from myself.

I don’t think this confirms anything, but the smell test makes me think that the water-resistant properties of the shirt actually help in stopping your body odor from sticking to you. Your mileage may vary.

For those who are interested 😉, I wear Old Spice Wolfthorn as my deodorant and Dove Deep Moisture as my body wash.

Hydrophobic clothing is nothing new. But watching liquids just pool up and bead off of the shirt still gets me all giddy with excitement.

Threadsmiths has a few styles that go beyond just a white t-shirt:

Threadsmiths offers up a women's t-shirt ($39), the iconic polo shirt ($59), and a slim cut dress shirt ($89).

I'm the type of person that wears a small set of clothes for months and months. I will wear clothes until they disintegrate off my body.

It's important for me that the clothes I buy stand up to a lot of wear and tear. I'll often wear the same clothes multiple days without washing them (yeah I know I'm a filthy caveman). I'm OK with paying that premium knowing that my shirt will require less washing, smell less, and will resist those odd spills that just happen in life. That's worth it to me.

Interested? You can check out their Amazon store here. Or their official site here.

Disclaimer: This item was provided for review free of charge.