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Poll: Why Did My Last Relationship End?

You be the judge!

This is a visual approximation of me, wallowing in self-pity over the end of my latest relationship.

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How could it have happened? What went wrong? I just don't know.

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So, because I can't figure out why my relationship ended in disaster, I'm calling on you! Please help me solve this mystery!!

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  1. Why did my last relationship end?

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Why did my last relationship end?
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    She just never "got" me.
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    She didn't understand how sexy cabbage could be.
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    She hated my parents, though they are, admittedly, incredibly hateable people.
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    She never existed in the first place and this is just the latest of many attempts to distract myself from the horrors of my actual life.
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    She didn't consider making internet polls a respectable form of employment.
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    She prefers redheads.
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    She walked in on me kissing my Ronald Reagan Halloween mask.
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    She likes Pearl Jam more than KISS and also hates my guts.
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    She was tired of all the lies. Sorry, the flies. I never took the garbage out.

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