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15 Sassy Hair Flip Styles You Should Try

Because hair flipping is a language all its own.

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1. The "Bye Gurl Bye"

2. The "I Think Hair Flips Are Kinda Weird"

3. The "Invisible Hair Flip"

4. The "What Did You Just Say?"

5. The "Barely There"

6. The "Shampoo Commercial"

7. The "Look Ma, No Hands"

8. The "Shady Queen"

9. The "Whip My Hair Back And Forth"

10. The "I'm Not Really Listening To You"

11. The "Straight Dude"

12. The "I Just Thought Of Something Funny"

13. The "Rocker Chick"

14. The "Extraterrestrial Hunter"

15. The "Hair Flip To Rule Them All"

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