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    17 Incredible Reasons Why Everyone Needs To Try Bannock

    The most underrated Canadian food.

    So, you're wondering, "What is bannock really?"

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    1. Well, bannock is actually defined as "traditionally Scottish"...

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    And many believe the Scots introduced bannock to the Indigenous peoples of Canada back in the fur-trade.

    2. But, Indigenous people have been making variations of the wonder-food for centuries pre-contact.

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    The cooking method varied from group-to-group. Some made it over a fire with a stick, or by covering dough with sand and cooking the bannock directly in a pit.

    3. Today, bannock is usually baked in an oven. Sometimes, it even turns out like this:

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    Or like this:

    Or sometimes it even looks like this:

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    There are also so many variations of how it's served. Some like it hot, some like it cold...

    4. Some die-hards even like it with Cheez Whiz.

    5. Bannock that is deep-fried is typically called "frybread."

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    6. And frybread is one of the most versatile foods in the world.

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    Even though frybread is delicious on its own, it's often topped with powdered sugar, cinnamon, or honey for an instant sweet treat!

    7. Just so you know, frybread beats having toast for breakfast any day.

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    Especially if someone loves you enough to make it heart-shaped.

    8. It also goes perfectly with jam.

    9. Or if you're in the mood for something savoury, bannock burgers are totally a thing, too.

    OMC! (Oh my Creator!)

    10. Or, if hotdogs are more your thing, you can always make bannock dogs.

    11. Bannock also happens to be one of the most transportable foods. If you're on the go, let us introduce you to bannock pops:

    12. Or, you can just stay home and get messy with it.

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    Hungry yet?

    Shit's about to get real...

    13. Because you should know about Indian Tacos. They are big, fluffy pieces of heaven.

    14. They're known for being the #1 go-to snack at the pow wow.

    15. But now, you can even buy them at restaurants!

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    16. Bannock is notoriously difficult to perfect.

    Here's a great basic recipe that explains how to bake OR fry it.

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    17. And if all else fails, you can buy the dough to bake at home:

    Now every season can be pow wow season.

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