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    14 Things Non-Indigenous Canadians Will Never Understand

    If you can relate, you probably are a member of the 4.3%.

    1. Growing up with these guys:

    Miramax / Via

    2. Having blankets where there should be curtains.

    Garret Porter / Via

    3. Giving directions like:

    4. Having one of these as your relationship status:

    Jaydon Ono / Via

    Single, snaggin' and shacked up.

    5. And what it's truly like to "snag" at the powwow.

    Doug Thomas // Kaigan Olson / Via

    (I'm so sorry.)

    6. ... Or finding someone to "shack up" with at bingo.

    Arlen Redekop // PNG / Via Facebook: ArlenRedekopPhotos

    7. Being this guy's neighbour:

    8. Being able to rock the mocs during any season.

    9. Knowing what the hell these keys are, and what they open up:

    nickelnotions / Via

    10. Some, er, unique feelings you had toward, uh, some of our country's recent leadership.

    City / Via

    11. Knowing that everyone — at one point or another — has owned a pair of "one-of-a-kind" Chanel earrings...

    12. Before Netflix & Chill, there was:

    Lindsay S Sinclair / Via Facebook: Once.and.Future.Ruler

    13. You've heard the collective sounds of all 5 types of Indigenous women's laughter.

    BigMediaDrum // Don Burnstick / Via

    14. And while most people probably think NDN tacos are "just food," you know they are, really, a celebration of life.

    Jaydon Ono

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