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    29 Problems People With Fine Hair Can Definitely Relate To

    If only it were thicker. Oh, well. Fine hair don't care.

    1. You realized long ago that a scalp sunburn is a real thing.

    2. You can't stand when people complain about how thick their hair is.

    3. Cowlicks are unavoidable, and the stuff of nightmares.

    4. You can never, ever rock a big hairstyle.

    5. Your eyelashes are thicker then your bangs.

    6. The movie Tangled created very unreal expectations for you.

    7. You've never been able to rock one of those trendy styles.

    8. Your hair just never seems to grow as fast as everyone else's.

    9. You have to constantly redo your ponytail throughout the day.

    10. Actually, your ponytail might more closely resemble a rat tail.

    11. You don't know what you would do without your flat iron.

    12. But you can do your hair anywhere nearly as well as your stylist does.

    13. Too much conditioner makes your hair greasy, not sexy.

    14. And you're always self conscious of how your hair looks in pics.

    15. You are envious of people with thick hair.

    16. Once you cut yours is it takes forever to grow back.

    17. Hair extensions are an essential part of your wardrobe.

    18. The sexy hair toss is something you simply cannot do.

    19. Pulling your hair back never turns out how you want it to.

    20. Humidity gives you a wispier kind of frizz.

    21. You'll deny a photo op if you feel it's not right.

    22. Mane 'n Tail are your go to hair products.

    23. Your hair products have adjectives like "volume," "body," and "voluminous" in their descriptions.

    24. You've even tried for the Bumpit look...

    25. ...but you always seem to mess it up.

    26. You may have gone to extreme measures to get a fuller look.

    27. You've been tempted to turn to Sky Mall for help.

    28. But, hey look on the bright side!

    29. You'll never had any of those thick hair issues, and you probably...