27 Things People With Thick Hair Will Totally Understand

So much hair, so little patience.

1. It takes nearly all day to dry.

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2. And your hair never looks good after you’ve worn a hat.

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3. Or even with a hat on.

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4. Bed head is the worst.

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5. Your hair is never this manageable in the morning.

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6. You need copious amounts of product to keep it in check.

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7. And a single box of hair dye is not going to cut it.

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8. Sunglasses get caught in your hair all the time.

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9. Friends have found your hair on their clothes from when you visited them… two weeks ago.

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10. At times it looks like someone murdered a yeti in your shower.

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11. The hairballs you find at your place are epic.

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12. There is no way you could use “travel-size” shampoo and conditioners.

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Got to stick with the value size.

13. Humidity is your worst enemy…

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14. …and there is no easy cure for the frizz.

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15. Finding the time to make your hair look decent means you have to get up super early.

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16. You constantly have to tell your stylist to thin or texturize it to make it more manageable.

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17. Even so, your bangs never come out the way you want them to.

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18. Many times when it’s thick, it’s thick everywhere.

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19. Your hair’s mass has interfered with your love life…

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20. …and has made for some awkward spooning.

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21. Low water pressure is the worst thing ever.

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22. If your hair is straight you think curly is more manageable, and if it’s curly you think the same about straight hair.

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The grass is always greener.

23. It’s always getting in the way.

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24. In the summer it only serves to amplify the heat.

TLC / Via http://jennadk.com

25. Brushes always get caught in your massive mane.

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26. As bothersome as it may be…

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27. It’s certainly better than a bald patch.

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