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26 Vintage Valentine's Cards That Will Warm Your Heart.

Throwback cards that adorably express affection.

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1. So dog gone adorable.

2. The Boisterous Bugle Boy

3. Flying high on you.

4. Batty Babe?

5. Affectionate tea cups.

6. Felling a little corny.

7. An waffle use of a pun.

8. Corn to be together.

9. Bubbly Faced Beauties

10. Kitties are cuties.

11. ....

12. Cloud 9

13. Bear with the puns.

14. Sail into our hearts.


16. Their is always "space" for love.

17. Holy Valentine Batman!!!

18. Take a giant leap, and be my valentine.

19. Sweet Singer

20. Courting Couple

21. Officer Cutie

22. This relationship will never be over easy.

23. Special delivery.

24. Fill up our hearts.

25. Opposites Attract

26. Don't be crabby.

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