20 Of The Best Christmas Moments From "Friends"

Who needs a reindeer when you can have an armadillo?

1. When Ross showed up as a non traditional holiday mascot.

2. And Chandler came as Santa.

3. Then Joey arrived dressed as Superman.

Super powers are the reason for the season.

4. When Rachel insisted on presents first.

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5. When the truth finally came out at Christmas dinner.

6. When Joey brought these terrible Christmas trees to the apartment.

7. And everyone loved him for it.

8. When Chandler stole a quick kiss.

9. Ross’s awesome present for his mom.

Ross’s awesome present for his mom.

10. When Joey revealed the truth about Santa.

11. Phoebe’s holiday song

“Went to the store, sat on Santa’s lap, asked him to bring my friends all kinda crap. He said all you need is to write them a song, they haven’t heard it yet so don’t try to sing along. No don’t sing along. Monica, Monica have a happy Hanukkah. Saw Santa Clause, he said hello to Ross and please tell Joey, Christmas will be snowy. And Rachel and Chandler, asdf345234 and handler. Happy Holidays Everybody!”

12. When Joey gave his own version of biblical events.

13. The time Chandler resisted temptation in Tulsa.

14. Ross teaching Ben about Hanukkah.

Ross: So, Ben, you uh, you know what holiday is coming up, don’t ya?

Ben: Christmas.

Ross: Yep, and you know what other holiday is coming up?

Ben: Christmas eve.

Ross: Yes, but also….Hanukkah! See, you’re part Jewish, and-and Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday.

15. When Rachel is propositioned with a kiss,

16. And let’s down easy.

17. Phoebe’s skull shaped Christmas candy dish.

18. Chandler describing how hot the apartment is.

19. This wonderful Christmas toast.

20. And a Happy New Year!

We all miss this show so much.

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