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20 Of The Best Christmas Moments From "Friends"

Who needs a reindeer when you can have an armadillo?

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11. Phoebe's holiday song / Via

"Went to the store, sat on Santa’s lap, asked him to bring my friends all kinda crap. He said all you need is to write them a song, they haven’t heard it yet so don’t try to sing along. No don’t sing along. Monica, Monica have a happy Hanukkah. Saw Santa Clause, he said hello to Ross and please tell Joey, Christmas will be snowy. And Rachel and Chandler, asdf345234 and handler. Happy Holidays Everybody!"


14. Ross teaching Ben about Hanukkah. / Via

Ross: So, Ben, you uh, you know what holiday is coming up, don't ya?

Ben: Christmas.

Ross: Yep, and you know what other holiday is coming up?

Ben: Christmas eve.

Ross: Yes, but also....Hanukkah! See, you're part Jewish, and-and Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday.

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