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    15 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism Besides Exercise

    Small changes, large pay off.

    NOTE: Exercise is crucial to a healthy metabolism. You should still exercise. However, there are some additional methods that can help keep that engine revved up.

    1. Eat foods with omega-3s.

    2. Don't forget to eat breakfast.

    3. Snack when you are hungry.

    4. Spice up your life.

    5. Engage in some heavy breathing.

    6. Drink some green tea.

    7. Eat dark chocolate.

    8. Eat yogurt.

    9. Include more lean protein in your diet.

    10. Don't ever skip meals.

    11. Drink plenty of cold water.

    12. Go nuts!

    13. Take some time to de-stress.

    14. Have a light snack right before bed.

    15. Get some shut eye.