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49 Pictures Of The Italian Soccer Team That Will Awaken Your Inner Thirst

These boys in blue are red hot. Spain's not the only team with talent this World Cup.

1. They have Daniele De Rossi. He's sometimes happy, sometimes serious, but always fine.

2. He loves bonding with his teammates.

3. Oh, and he's allergic to shirts.

4. All the shirts.

5. They feature the gift that is baby-faced Mattia De Sciglio.

6. When he's not bro-ing out in a kiddie pool...

7. ...He's doing photo shoots in expensive suits.

8. They have the smooth and powerful Mario Balotelli.

9. He somehow can make a popped collar look good.

10. Fortunately, he also suffers from shirt allergies.

11. They have Salvatore Sirigu whose smile brightens up a room.

12. He also has great hairstyles for any occasion.

13. They feature the sheer magnificence that is Claudio Marchisio.

14. He truly is a sight to behold.

15. Not to mention his selfie game is on point.

16. Glasses are a good look for him.

17. They feature the stoicism and ruggedness that is Andrea Barzagli.

18. Whether you prefer him clean shaven...

19. ...Or with a beard

20. He has a look to suit any of your tastes.

21. Then there's one of the crown jewels of Italy, Ignazio Abate.

22. When he's not modeling for Dolce & Gabbana...

23. ...He plays a little game called soccer on the side.

24. He's also never shy about taking a selfie with teammates.

25. They have the Italian Stallion Andrea Pirlo.

26. He's available in hairy and clean-shaven versions.

27. He's an international man of intrigue.

28. Truly the most interesting soccer player in the world.

29. They have Federico Balzaretti who is always well put-together.

30. He's got abs for days.

31. Actually, weeks.

32. They have Antonio Candreva who is elegant and flawless.

33. Yet stoic and grizzled.

34. Baby blue never looked so good.

35. Matteo Darmian is an up-and-coming handsome young talent.

36. Even in training he looks perfect.

37. Then there's Ciro Immobile who is perpetually happy.

Look at that million-dollar smile.

38. When he's not hanging out with with his club...

39. ...And national teammates.

40. He's brightening up your day with his Instagram.

41. They have classically handsome Leonardo Bonucci.

42. He owns the sporty look.

43. But wonderfully classes it up with a suit as well.

44. Then there's Lorenzo Insigne. Don't let the suit fool you.

45. This pint-sized pretty boy can play.

46. And he's got style for days.

How could you not love that face?

47. They have Mattia Destro, with his fresh face and luscious lashes.

48. He's boyish and cute.

49. But when he dresses up his looks can kill.

This is the glory that is the Italian National Team.

When they're not kicking ass on the field...

They are looking damn good off it.

Really effing good.

Viva Italia!!!