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    15 Undeniable Perks You Only Get When Single

    One isn't always the loneliest number.

    1. Having the bed to yourself.

    2. Not having to share food.


    Few things are worse than having to spilt fries, or looking forward to eating leftovers then finding out that they're already gone.

    3. Masturbating with impunity.


    Masturbating literally all day, every day if you like.

    4. Not having to adjust routines.


    They may work at night, you may work during the day. These things take adjustments. When you're single you never have to worry about anyone else's schedule.

    5. Being a total slob.


    Sometimes it's fun to wear the same clothes for three days straight and eat chips off your chest without any consequences.

    6. Going to only one set of family functions.

    7. Watching what you want to watch.


    Because sometimes you want to see what you want to see. Whether that's the Gilmore Girls or wrestling.

    8. Eating wherever you want.

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    Maybe you don't have the same taste in food. Maybe you want to eat pizza five days a week. When you're in a relationship, arguing about where and what to eat is the broken record that will never stop playing.

    9. Flirting.


    Because honestly sometimes you miss the attention.

    10. Doing whatever you want with your free time.


    Being single means doing what you want whenever you want. That kind of freedom can't be matched.

    11. Having more room or closet space.

    12. Not having to clean up after somebody else.

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    It's OK when you only have to clean up after yourself, but cleaning is not the most fun activity in the world.

    13. Quiet time to yourself.


    It's not that you don't have tranquility, it's just a little more rare when you're with someone.

    14. Having more money.

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    When you share your love a lot of times you share your expenses as well.

    15. Staying in touch with friends.


    It's not impossible, but it certainly gets harder to keep in touch with old friends when you're cuffed up.

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