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    21 Times "SNL's" Celebrity Jeopardy Was Hilariously Perfect

    "I'll take swords for $400."

    1. The time Sean Connery took on butts.

    2. When Sean Connery decided to take on this sexual topic.

    3. And "S" words became one.

    4. The time Sean Connery placed the ultimate wager.

    5. When Burt Reynolds gave himself this clever title.

    6. And then showed his mastery of culinary terms.

    7. The time Sharon Osbourne and her dog wrote the dirtiest answer ever.

    8. And the incident that involved Tom Hanks getting a little overzealous onstage with a prop.

    9. When Sean pointed out which was mightier.

    10. When a category about wine became instantly sexual.

    11. When French Stewart made up his own number, and bet everything.

    12. Every time the categories were straightforward and simple.


    14. When the easiest question was still answered incorrectly.

    15. The time Trebek had to remind contestants to tone it waaay down.

    16. When the month of Febtober became a reality.

    17. When a wager of nothing became absolute shit.

    18. And of course the references to Trebek's mother...

    19. Whether it's riddles.

    20. ...Or all the escapades Sean Connery claimed to have had with her.

    21. You win Connery, you win.