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    This Is What Happened When I, A Regular Guy, Went To The AVN Awards Show

    I attended an adult film awards show, and this is what I saw.

    The 2015 AVN Awards show took place Jan. 24 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and I, a regular dude, attended.

    Javi / BuzzFeed

    The AVN Awards Show is an annual event hosted by Adult Video Network. It is proceeded by a HUGE expo that showcases performers, services, and adult products. The awards show honors achievements in the adult entertainment industry. Actors, movie makers, and innovators are nominated in a bunch of categories, and this is their time to see who is at the top of the industry.

    1. This is their one night to see who takes home some hardware.

    Javi / BuzzFeed

    It's the adult industry equivalent of the Oscars. Performers, producers, and directors from all over the world come to this event. After three days of the AVN Expo this is the main event. It comes complete with a red carpet, cameras everywhere, and big-name stars. If a total outsider were to see the pageantry, it can be mistaken for any other big awards show.

    2. Everyone looked amazing.

    3. I think I ended up in the wrong section... and apparently, adult entertainment doesn't start on time.

    When I walked in, security was tight. I walked upstairs to and ended up in some kind of VIP section. Everyone there was either a producer or performer. I took a seat at the front table, and enjoyed complimentary drinks.

    I sat in my seat awhile. I learned over the course of the expo it's an unspoken rule that everything in the adult industry starts at least 30 minutes late. The awards show was no exception. It was supposed to go on at 9 p.m., and didn't get going until 9:45. With the free beers coming in, I didn't mind the delay that much.

    4. For the most part it's just like any other awards show.

    5. But of course it had ~adult~ elements.

    6. It was all about having fun.

    7. The show went by fast.

    8. It's definitely a unique experience.

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