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This Is How Children Reacted To Photos Of Caitlyn Jenner

Kids tell it like it is.

The people over at SheKnows made a video that showed kids pictures of Caitlyn Jenner both before and after her Vanity Fair cover shoot.

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The video is part of their Hatch Media program which shows children reacting to various social issues.

First, they were were shown an older picture of Jenner, and asked to give their opinions.

They mostly commented on Jenner's athletic physique.

They were then shown a photo of Caitlyn Jenner from her recent Vanity Fair shoot.

With Caitlyn presented this way, they commented on her confidence.

After that they were told that the people in the photos were the same person.

Initially some didn't understand at first.

But overall they were accepting.

They were then shown positive social media reactions to Jenner...

"Caitlyn Jenner is a legend and a role model. So much love and respect for her."

...and they saw compassion in the reponses.

After that they were shown the negative reactions...

"Bottom line: Caitlyn Jenner is a man biologically based on her DNA. No surgery can change that. Calling a man a woman is an insult."

...and they gave their opinions on why they thought others weren't receptive toward her.

In the end the children just gave their honest insights.

The kids are all right.

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