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Discontinued Starbucks Polar Bear Cookies Are Getting Dragged Into Another "War On Christmas"

The cookie isn't even available for purchase anymore, but that hasn't stopped Christmas defenders.

Everyone remembers the great "War on Christmas" that erupted when Starbucks rolled out its plain red holiday cups.

Many people took to social media to voice their outrage and concern over what they viewed as a blatant attack on a Christian holiday.

Since you're running away from Christianity, I'm running from you! Just exercising my financial choice #ccot #tcot

@Hael381 @wdumee I would never spend one penny there anyway so screw them. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Well, an odd controversy has come to Starbucks once more this holiday season, this time over these polar bear cookies that customers say depict throat slashing.

It all started Dec. 9, when this image was posted to Imgur with the caption "These polar bear cookies at Starbucks look like they've all had their throats slit." The post got more than 2.7 million views in just two days.

Polar bears have long been synonymous with Christmas and are famous for their appearances in Coca-Cola holiday ads.

People were naturally concerned at what looked like another attack on Christmas, and once again took to social media to let their opinions be known.

Starbucks is getting dark this Christmas. Polar bears look like they got Catelyn Stark'd. #WarOnChristmas

Some shook their heads in disgust.

first starbucks doesn't support christmas and now they encourage killing polar bears. smh

Others questioned the company's judgment.

Ok so Starbucks gets rid of their Christmas cups then they slit polar bear throats on their cookies?

While some were just glad that they weren't the victims.

These Starbucks polar bear cookies looking like their throats are slit makes me glad to be alive.

However, the cookies haven't been for sale for years. Starbucks told BuzzFeed the polar bear cookie was discontinued in 2010.

In a statement, Starbucks said the smiling polar bear was part of rotating holiday tradition.

In December of 2010 we served smiling polar bear cookies in cozy scarves. They are just one example of our tradition to offer holiday cookies that are festive and delicious. This year you can find snowmen cookies and gingerbread people in holiday sweaters.

Looks like Christmas defenders are reaching way back.