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15 Penis Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Phallic phacts at their phinest.

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3. According to a study by the University of Ulster-Northern Ireland, men in the Republic of Congo have the biggest average penis size in the world.

10. Circumcision gained popularity in the United States during the 19th century to help stop masturbation.

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At the time masturbation was thought to lead to "masturbatory insanity," so many doctors recommend circumcision for baby boys.

12. Penises can actually break.

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Penises can suffer a fracture or trauma usually from aggressive sex. It's a serious injury and requires immediate medical attention.

14. There is a restaurant in Beijing that specializes in serving penises.

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The restaurant, called Guolizhuang, has 30 different varieties of penises and has been featured on the Travel Channel.

15. There is a festival every year in Japan devoted to the penis and fertility.

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The Festival of the Steel Phallus is celebrated every year on April 6, and started in the 17th century as prostitutes praying for protection from STDs. It is now an event for AIDS awareness.

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