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A Rescue Dog And Her Handler Who Worked At Ground Zero During 9/11 Were Honored With An Amazing Day

A well-deserved tribute.

This is Denise Corliss and her golden retriever Bretagne. They were both members of Texas Task Force 1, an urban search and rescue team that deploys to disaster sites to search for survivors.

Their first deployment together was at Ground Zero in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks. The two worked tirelessly on what started as a search and rescue mission but soon became a recovery operation.

BarkPost told BuzzFeed that over 100 search and rescue dogs were deployed to Ground Zero, and Bretagne is the last known living participant.

In honor of Bretagne's 16th birthday, BarkPost along with 1 Hotels teamed up to honor this four-legged hero with an amazing day.

The celebration started out with a flight to New York for Bretagne and Denise, and a warm reception when they arrived at the hotel.

In their room, Bretagne was treated to a gourmet burger courtesy of the hotel kitchen staff.

After the meal, the pair were then taken to Times Square where they were honored with a digital billboard thanking them.

After that, they went to a dog park where Bretagne was given the "Bone to the Park" — a charm from Tiffany & Co.

They topped it off with a birthday bash back at the hotel, complete with cake and presents.

Throughout the day, everywhere Bretagne went, New Yorkers thanked her for her service.

The party concluded a profound gift: the dedication of a cobblestone on the grounds of the 9/11 Memorial, thanking Denise and Bretagne for their service. Hotel 1 also donated $1,000 to Texas Task Force 1 to help train dogs like Bretagne.

A tribute fitting of a heroic duo.

Watch the full video of Bretagne's best day from BarkPost here:

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