An Open Letter To The Brazilian Team

In spite of the loss, there’s so much to be proud of.

1. Brazil,

Laurence Griffiths / Getty

2. We know it’s a tough time.

3. And the pain of defeat is brutal.

Robert Cianflone / Getty

4. But there is still much to be hopeful for.

Michael Steele / Getty

5. An entire coutry has rallied behind you.

Getty Images Sport

6. You have put on heroic performances.

Buda Mendes / Getty

7. And progressed through the tournament with grace.

Laurence Griffiths / Getty

8. (And typical Brazilian style.)

9. Even when tragedy struck.

Getty Images Sport

Brazilian star Neymar was ruled out of the World Cup after he sustained a back injury against Colombia.

10. You honored your fallen teammate.

Michael Steele / Getty Images

11. And showed how much you care for each other.

12. You displayed respect.

Robert Cianflone / Getty

Brazil’s David Luiz and Dani Alves urge the crowd to acknowledge Colombia’s James Rodriguez amazing World Cup performance.

13. And compassion for opponents.

Laurence Griffiths / Getty

14. Along with those who are less fortunate off the pitch.

15. You may have lost,

Martin Rose / Getty

16. And the pain is harsh.

This is the saddest thing ever. Poor old Brazil #bra

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren)

17. However, defeat at home is something you’ve experienced before.

FIFA / Via

18. You’ve felt the everlasting sting of the “Maracanazo.

Staff / AFP / Getty

19. But your resilient spirit allowed you to rise from the ashes.

Placar / Via

20. And you went on to produce some of the most legendary teams.

El Grafico / Via

22. The world has ever seen.

23. So don’t cry Brazil.

Buda Mendes / Getty

24. You still have five stars on your chest.

25. And you’ve achieved glory more times than anyone else.

Shaun Botterill / Getty

26. So “Get up, get rid of the dirt, and let’s move on.”

Brasil, “levanta, sacode a poeira e dá a volta por cima”

— Dilma Rousseff (@dilmabr)

27. Because at the end of the day, you’re still the Seleção.

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