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    18 Experiences You Have When You Can't Dance

    So you think you can't dance?

    1. Your lack of dance skills started early.

    2. Your teen awkwardness was only further amplified by your lack of dance skills.

    3. Which made middle school dances the worst.

    The absolute worst.

    4. You can only do simple dances like The Macarena.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    5. Over time you've adopted questionable signature dance moves.

    NBC / Via

    6. Whenever you're at the club you've had to resort to grinding to make up for lack of skill...

    7. ... And the results have been disastrous.

    MTV / Via

    8. When you try a new move you either look stiff...

    9. ... Or creepy.

    NBC / Via

    10. Oh, and any of the "sexy" stuff is totally out of your skill range.

    11. You have no idea how to act when someone dances up on you.

    Echo Bridge Entertainment / Via

    12. You actively tried to avoid celebrations that required dancing like Quinceañeras...

    13. ... Bar Mitzvahs...

    14. ... And of course weddings.

    15. You even have trouble with dancing video games.

    Damn you Just Dance 4!

    16. Strangers throw you shade when you show off a total lack of rhythm.

    17. Whenever you do try to bust a random move, it never goes right.

    18. You can never mimic the cool dances you see in music videos.

    Well, at least you can dance judgment free in front of your friends.

    The CW / Via

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