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    An Artist Sorted Famous Characters By Color And I'm Strangely Drawn To It

    Color to help you discover.

    Linda Bouderbala is a 31-year-old woman from Paris who has always been into art and illustrating. Bouderbala told BuzzFeed that's she's been drawing on and off her whole life, and just picked it up more seriously two years ago.

    Linda Bouderbala

    After getting some new markers recently, she decided to visit characters from her childhood and group them together by color.

    Linda Bouderbala

    Team Black

    She started out with yellow characters, and started making her way around the color spectrum.

    Linda Bouderbala

    Team Yellow

    She said she simply wanted to group similar colored characters, and compare the different shades and tones. She went on to say that the choice of the characters wasn't easy. "Most of the time, I favored characters colored from head to toe. For example, if I put Marge instead of Lisa with the yellow team, Spiderman instead of Deadpool in the red one or even Goku in the Orange team. It wouldn't be as homogeneous as I wanted — and I wanted them as yellow as possible, as red as possible, etc."

    Linda Bouderbala

    Team Green

    The results are charming and cute.

    Linda Bouderbala

    Team Blue

    Like Team White with a Storm Trooper front and center.

    Linda Bouderbala

    Team White

    Or the eclectic Team Red featuring the likes of Elmo, Dead Pool, and Darth Maul.

    Linda Bouderbala

    Team Red

    Team Purple features heavy hitters Thanos and Ursula.

    Linda Bouderbala

    Team Purple

    She even went beyond primary colors and did a group of striped characters.

    Linda Bouderbala

    Team Stripes

    She went on to say that illustrating isn't her full time gig, but she hopes to do more in the future. "I jump on my sketchbook to draw as soon as I have a free time. But I think that one day, I’ll dedicate myself entirely to illustration."

    Linda Bouderbala

    Team Pink

    For more of Bouderbala's work, check out her Instagram.

    Linda Bouderbala

    Team Orange

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