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Sep 29, 2015

29 Beard And Undercut Combinations That Will Awaken You Sexually

A match made in heaven.

1. This two-toned wonderfully dressed titan.

2. This amber-haired answer to our prayers.

Lord have mercy.

3. This ultra-fly guy.

4. This gent who could melt your heart with one look.

5. The salacious and sexy singer Miguel.

Frazer Harrison / Getty

6. The incomparable David Beckham.

Michael Steele / Getty Images

7. Neymar, who can definitely score off the field.

David Ramos / Getty Images
Buda Mendes / Getty

8. This bearded natural boy wonder.

Oh la la.

9. This macho man who looks stunning with and without a shirt.

10. This dapper Don Juan.

11. This steamy and sexy stallion.

12. This beautifully bold man.

13. This scruffy, scholarly stud.

14. This magnificent masterpiece who looks good in literally anything.

15. This tatted and tasty lad who loathes shirts.

16. This dashing dude.

17. This guy who is a legend in his own right.

18. This man who is diabolically delicious.

19. This hat-wearing hottie.

20. This man who is the living version of a Greek god.

Daniel James / Via

21. This beefcake and his luscious red-hot locks.

22. Romeo Santos, who has swag and style for days.

Dave Kotinsky / Getty

23. This inked-up sex god who truly is a work of art.

24. This magnificent specimen.

25. This wonderful classic-and-cool gentleman.

26. This molten mountain of man.

27. MLB star Bryce Harper, who definitely knows how to handle a big stick.

28. This spec-wearing sexy boy.

29. And finally, Ricky Martin, who will always look utterly amazing.

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