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    51 Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind During Your First Week At BuzzFeed

    I'd like to schedule an appointment with Mr. Nyan Cat, please.

    1.'s here. First day. Smile at everyone. Remember to brush your teeth.

    2. Will I meet Nyan Cat?

    3. This elevator is awkward. Why hasn't anyone created a game show inside an elevator?


    5. People here just don't speak. They TYPE.

    6. Most of these people have two screens (yes, two!) to do their work. Do they NEED them?

    7. There's Taylor Swift!

    8. Oh, no. It's just a life-size cutout.

    9. But...there is a Taylor Swift meeting room.

    10. LOL

    11. There's coffee and beer available 24/7. There's delicious snacks available 24/7. This feels just like when Tony Soprano went into a coma. o__O

    12. BTW. Where the hell is Doge?

    13. Very meeting. Wow. Such work.

    14. Putting actual people's faces into emails is weird.

    15. I have a suspicion. This place is only for weirdos.

    16. Weirdos are awesome.

    17. The newsroom seems a little bit more fun than the one in The Wire.

    18. People are laughing at their screens all the time. That's fun.

    19. OMG

    20. The dress is white and gold.

    21. Meow, miau, meooow.

    22. There's Beyoncé!

    23. Nope. Not her.

    24. Why do I feel so nervous walking between all these people?

    25. Don't look at other people's screens. It's rude.

    26. Sabrina the teenage witch is signing that LOL sign.

    27. Yep. That happened.

    28. WTF

    29. Where do they keep the Nutella in this place?

    30. The internet is a huge and deep pool. Some people swim in the most dangerous parts. Those people are laughing 67% of the time.

    31. I feel like I've been here for eight weeks. It's only been three and a half days.

    32. 8 Times You Actually Experimented Relativity In Time.

    33. Vegan pizza???!?!?!?! Well, why not?

    34. Vegan pizza shouldn't be entitled to be called pizza. EVER.

    35. Bottomless coffee. Yaaass.


    37. 12 States Of Consciousness You Experience When You Drink Too Much Coffee.

    38. I'm starting to think in words as abbreviations.

    39. These bunny pictures will make you LOL then OMG then WTF and at last you'll say CUTE.

    40. Found the Nutella.

    41. I'm scared.

    42. 34 Ways Nutella Completely Ruined My Life.

    43. Wait, Is that...Ryan Gosling?

    44. Stop it.

    45. The guy from the door knows my name.

    46. How many tabs can Google Chrome handle at the same time before it explodes?

    47. Behind that door lies the secret of the internet.

    48. There is a meeting room called Business Cat. :3

    49. Don't ask, that the kid from One Direction?


    51. Now I get it. This is the reason why everyone in here wears caps, hoodies, and BuzzFeed apparel. This is the coolest place I've ever worked in.