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    17 Things You Have To Know Before You Watch "Rogue One"

    Spoiler: The movie that is fascinating everyone.

    1. This movie is a sequel to the prequels of the sequels of the prequels — which are the original ones.


    2. That is to say...

    3. It's the second of the six movies that were announced after the Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm Ltd., the producer of Star Wars films.

    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

    The upcoming films are:

    * Star Wars: Episode VIII: 2017.

    * A yet unnamed Han Solo film.

    * Star Wars: Episode IX: 2019.

    * And there are rumors about a Boba Fett film, but it has not been announced yet.

    4. It is NOT a film from the saga.

    Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney

    Unlike the other seven films, this one is not an episode, but a story that is part of the expanded universe. However, you'll see many familiar sights, like this AT-ST Walker.

    5. The story is about how the rebels stole the plans for the Death Star.

    (So basically, it sets up the events of Episode IV.)

    6. The main character is a woman named Jyn Erso.


    After Rey in The Force Awakens, it's only the second time a Star Wars movie has featured a main protagonist who was female.

    7. There's a whole cast of new characters who will quickly steal your heart.


    Try to make it through the movie without falling in love with K-2SO, the wise-cracking droid.

    8. Rogue One is the first Star Wars film that doesn't feature an original score composed by John Williams.

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    For this film, Michael Giaccino takes on the task. He recently composed the scores for Dr. Strange and Inside Out, among many others.

    9. This movie features several new types of stormtroopers, including the fearsome DEATH TROOPERS.

    Mike Windle / Getty Images

    The death troopers are taller and stronger, and do the dirtiest work on behalf of the Empire.

    10. Sorry, but there are no Jedis in this one.


    After Anakin became Darth Vader, the Jedis were (mostly) extinct (until a "new hope" came along, that is). However...part of this story takes place on the moon Jedha, which is rumored to be the original home of the Jedi knights.

    11. The movie is FULL of cameos and mentions of old familiar faces from a galaxy far, far away.


    Pay attention and you'll be rewarded with a lot of pleasant surprises.

    12. Darth Vader does not have a "cameo."


    He's a main player in Rogue One.

    13. Vader's voice is done by James Earl Jones himself.

    Mike Coppola / Getty Images

    Thought it may sound a little more mature than you remember from the original trilogy.

    14. You obviously know what happens, but there's still plenty to of new stuff in the movie that can be spoiled.


    So go see it ASAP, or at least stay away from social media until you do.

    15. But don't worry, you're not missing much on Twitter. Everyone is just talking about how much they loved Rogue One.


    16. Including the critics...

    17. You'll leave the theater with this face:


    May the Force be with you.

    This post was translated from Spanish.


    A former version of this post incorrectly named two movies which have not officially been announced yet.

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