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21 Times People Should Not Have Tried To Cook Drunk

Let he who is without sin cast the first Flamin' Hot Cheeto bagel.

1. For some strange reason, when people are drunk they think they're capable of anything...

2. cooking.

3. The most disgusting combinations are suddenly the greatest ideas in the history of gastronomy.

4. Step aside, Gordon Ramsay.

5. Every drunk's go-to: a flour tortilla with literally whatever's around on it.

6. "I'll take my Michelin Star rating now please!"

7. Pizza is usually a technically complex dish, but not when you're drinking!

8. Heating up a simple roll? Not a problem, my dude!

9. "I actually have a technique for ramen that makes it extra tasty."

10. OK, maybe next time put the kitchen appliances away before you start drinking.

11. And maybe just padlock the oven shut?

12. Honestly, I can't even see what you were trying to go for here.

13. This is efficient, but it's also a case against drunks being allowed in the kitchen.

14. Oh! What region of France do croissants covered with cheese and soy sauce come from?

15. Frankly, the instructions could have been a little more clear on this one.

16. What's more, you don't even need utensils.

17. Let's be real here... If you were drunk, you'd totally get down on this, right?

18. Wow! Which culinary institute did you graduate from?

19. Le Cordon Bleu? The Culinary Institute? There's no way you're not professionally trained.

20. Maybe a little overdone, but it still looks great!

21. And don't worry about the mess! It'll still be there in the morning when you're too hungover to move.