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    We Tried This Earwax Removal Camera And Boy Were Our Ears Gross

    Squeezing zits just not doing it anymore? Time to check out that ear gunk.

    Be honest. Are your ears the cleanest they've ever been?

    We tried the BEBIRD Earwax Camera cleaner tool because we're tired of prodding and guessing. And honestly, the gross factor had us hooked. 👀

     The BEBIRD Ear Camera Cleaner tool.

    So we gave it a go.

    And truthfully, it was hard to look away. 🤢

    In fact, the camera is downright unforgiving. (We'll spare your stomach and leave the really nasty parts for the video.)

    Check out the whole testing process and you can pick up a BEBIRD Ear Camera Cleaner on Amazon for $39.99.