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Here's Why Your Ears Are Always Itchy As Fuck

*Has Q-tips shoved in both ears.*

Is using Q-tips orgasmic for you? Like are you literally always poking around in your ears trying to get rid of the incessant itching that plagues you?

Well, I'm here to tell you exactly what's making your ears so itchy and how to properly treat it, without making it worse.

First things first: There's a protective layer of wax in your ear canals that is water-repellant and helps keep your ears clean.

And regardless of how gentle you are, when you push things inside of your ears, you're most likely scraping at or getting rid of that waxy layer.

Removing this wax layer will make you more susceptible to a buildup of bacteria and debris, which could cause irritation and potentially lead to infection.

Accidentally scraping away that protective layer can also make you feel like you have water trapped in your ear.

That's why doctors recommend you don't putting anything in your ears at all, and instead get your ears professionally cleaned every six months.

If your ear is really itchy and you want immediate relief, try pressing down on your tragus, or take an antihistamine.

But if your ears are affecting your day-to-day life, you should see an ENT because it could be an infection, like swimmer's ear, which you need antibiotics to treat.

There are a few other common causes of ear irritation that can be easily treated.

Here's the bottom line: The way you use Q-tips could be causing or increasing all your itchy ear woes. So try your best to resist the urge! Your ears will definitely thank you.