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    25 Sneaky Little Money Lessons You Might Not Have Noticed In "Schitt's Creek"

    Once again, credit cards are not free money.

    If you've ever binge-watched Schitt's Creek, then honestly, same. It's a sitcom about a wealthy family that suddenly goes broke and finds itself forced to live in a conveniently named small town called β€” you guessed it β€” Schitt's Creek. So what's not to love?

    I've watched all six glorious seasons three times and have zero regrets. But Moira's matchless musings aside, the show actually inserts some very real lessons about money that viewers can learn from.

    1. Make sure you file taxes on your income, whether you're employed by a company or you run a business.

    "He was our business manager. He's supposed to pay taxes"

    2. Money can take you on an emotional roller coaster. And when disaster strikes, things can feel extra overwhelming.

    "Children, mindless bickering is a luxury we can no longer afford. You are blind to reality and for that I am most proud"

    3. Seek professional advice when needed. Professionals can analyze your circumstances and come up with a personalized plan for your next steps.

    "So, what can I help you with? Housing? Investment opportunities?"

    4. Always do your research before making an investment.

    "It took a while to sell the first time. It was on the market for, like, 20 years before you bought it. Most people thought it was a waste of money and it would never sell"

    5. Credit cards are NOT free money.

    John asking David how he will pay for the credit card purchase

    6. Side hustles can be lucrative but they'll often require *a lot* of work to earn a profit. Also, do research to make sure there's a market for what you want to sell.

    "Okay, let's sell. How hard can it be?"

    7. If you're a business owner, not paying unemployment insurance taxes can disqualify you from receiving unemployment benefits if you eventually need them.

    Character saying that you must contribute to the unemployment program to receive benefits

    8. Money can sometimes muddy the waters when it comes to family. Make sure everyone is on the same page when lending and borrowing.

    Moira telling her sister she didn't gift her the money, she loaned it to her

    9. Some items can work as investment pieces that can be sold when you need extra cash.

    Moira explaining that her bag has been passed down as emergency currency

    10. Great discounts can be lurking anywhere; you just have to look for them.

    "Sold to Johnny Rose for $15"

    11. A tax write-off does NOT mean free money for spending on your business.

    "David, a write-off is a business expense used to reduce your taxable income"

    12. Make sure you reaaally need it before you buy it.

    "Well, there it goes β€” $400 worth of milk"

    13. Don't let any money-saving company benefits go to waste.

    David using a car paid for by his employer

    14. Stash some cash into an emergency fund for a rainy day β€” even if you only put aside a little at a time.

    "If you need money, I can give you money"

    15. Keep your account information in a safe place for when you really need it. Also, follow all account setup instructions to a T.

    Card canceled

    16. Budgets can be more important than you might think.

    Wendy saying she overshot her budget and is having trouble financially

    17. Don't be afraid to negotiate for more whenever you can.

    Alexis and David asking for more than $10,000

    18. Save up extra money, like bonuses and tax refunds, that comes your way to give yourself some financial cushion.

    David suggesting his family save the money

    19. You don't need to buy the fanciest or newest car model. Also, walk in already knowing what your car budget is.

    David saying they budgeted $4,000 for a car

    20. Save for any major upcoming expenses you'll have.

    Alexis telling John she's been saving her money for class

    21. And also save for any splurges you've been eyeing.

    David saying he's saving for an espresso machine

    22. Treat yourself. You deserve it! But try not to get too carried away when you still have other expenses.

    John telling Moira that they need to reevaluate their recent purchases

    23. When shopping around for a new home, apartment, or event venue, always know your budget and research pricing ahead of time.

    David asking for a cheaper wedding venue package

    24. Money can't buy happiness.

    Twyla saying that money can't buy happiness

    25. Lastly, make your money work for you.

    Twyla saying she bought the cafe

    What other TV shows are full of hidden money lessons?

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