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    25 Things For Anyone Who Wants A Hobby Beyond Watching Netflix

    If your New Year's resolution is to give your streaming service a break, you might need a few of these.

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    1. A hand lettering book if you've ever wanted handwriting that makes peoples' jaws drop. Get ready for everyone you know to start asking you to write their birthday cards.

    2. This Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 for anyone who's fascinated by photo prints but is lowkey intimidated by other super high-tech instant cameras.

    3. Or! A Fujifilm X-T100 mirrorless camera if you're a little more practiced in photography and want to move up from your point-and-shoot camera. You can connect this camera to your phone and transfer pics using Bluetooth, which will make for some super quick Insta uploads.

    4. A kombucha brewing kit because you're probably tired of spending $3+ on a bottle of kombucha every morning — so why not learn how to make your own?

    5. A BuzzFeed Tasty Cookie Club subscription so you can hone your baking skills in a non-intimidating way and become a master cookie maker almost overnight.

    6. A lip balm making kit you'll love if you're passionate about keeping your lips hydrated and want a unique way to upgrade your lip balm supply. Your friends and family just might stop buying their usual lip balms in favor of your homemade ones.

    7. A bullet journal set that's perfect for beginners who want to start their own journal but don't want to spend hours trying to free-hand pretty banners and illustrations.

    8. Embroidery floss for anyone who's ever tried to sell homemade friendship bracelets when they were in middle school. Re-creating your favorite patterns might make you re-live those colorful, string bracelet days.

    9. A hot sauce making kit that'll probably make you never want to buy from the grocery store ever again once you learn how to make your own special sauce tailored to your spice preferences.

    10. A bonsai tree starter kit if you want a stress-free way to get started with germinating your own little tree, even if you've never done it before.

    11. Orrr, a book on How Not To Kill Your Houseplant so you can learn how to be a better plant parent even if you've already killed more than your fair share of succulents.

    12. This mozzarella and ricotta making kit so you can seem ~extra fancy~ when you serve your guests *homemade* cheese with their crackers.

    13. A set of crochet yarn and hooks because nothing makes time fly faster than cable stitching yourself a nice, soft scarf.

    14. An extra-thick yoga mat for anyone who's always wanted to increase their strength and flexibility whether at home or in a class setting.

    15. A gin making kit so you can finally learn how to make your own bottle after years of talking about how you'll get into it "soon."

    16. This 1,000-piece puzzle you can easily incorporate into some daily me-time. Pro tip: When you're done, glue the pieces down onto thick cardstock so you can have a collection of your finished masterpieces.

    17. A soap making kit for a ~sweet-smelling~ way to de-stress (and have tons of cute, little gifts to give away as a result).

    18. An adult coloring book that'll let you take a trip back in time to elementary school when you'd basically hoard coloring books and spend hours a day bringing flowers and elephants to life.

    19. A crossword puzzle book you can solve IRL if you love figuring out words but don't want to pay for the puzzle subscription on your phone anymore.

    20. A (really pretty) sewing machine because not only will a basic knowledge of sewing serve you well during the most unforeseen situations, but you might also have so much fun that you'll want to start stitching every fabric you see.

    21. A DIY slime making kit if you're tired of looking at YouTube tutorials and having the constant urge to play with soft, stretchy goo that you didn't have — until now.

    22. This beginner ukelele that's perfect for anyone who's ever wanted to learn a new instrument but doesn't want to spend hundreds of dollars for a guitar or clarinet.

    23. A step-by-step coloring book so you can up your stick-figure game by learning techniques for creating more detailed animal drawings.

    24. A sushi making kit that'll introduce you to the magic of sushi making without feeling like you need to be a certified chef. You'll be rolling rice and seaweed in no time!

    25. A build-it-yourself computer kit that's perfect for kids who love computer games and are interested in learning a little more about technology.

    You trying to convince your friends and family to start one of these new hobbies with you:

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