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    28 Portable Things That Are Basically Guaranteed To Have You Prepared For Almost Anything

    Always expect the unexpected.

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    1. Anti-chafing balm to help prevent and soothe any prickling chafe pains before they sneak up on you.

    2. A personal water filter you'll bring on every camping trip for those times when you run out of fresh drinking water and need to use the nearest river as your water bottle.

    3. This mini first aid kit that's perfectly sized for travel and extremely convenient for any scratches and cuts you obtain during your adventures.

    4. A pack of Burt's Bees lip balms so you can keep your lips hydrated whether you're out with friends, hitting the slopes, or braving a long, uncomfortable commute.

    5. These packaged wine wipes that are so small they can fit in your back pocket, meaning no one will notice you swiftly wipe the wine stains from your lips after six glasses.

    6. And a pack of Tide To-Go pens because it's just funny how you ALWAYS seem to get an unsightly stain when you have a date later that night or have a big presentation at work.

    7. This portable charger that'll get your phone all juiced up when you don't have an outlet nearby — because that's literally the only time your phone ever runs out of battery.

    8. Some tiny toilet paper rolls — you'll thank yourself for packing for packing them on your camping trip or trip abroad because apparently, that stuff tends to be scarce when you're not inside your own home.

    9. A compact pocket blanket that'll turn into anything — from a clean surface for changing your baby's diaper to a spot for sitting on hot beach sand — because it's just that versatile.

    10. This nifty, 43-in-1 multipurpose tool because it fits in your pocket but lets you fix a screw, open a beer bottle, and much more. It's perfect for when you're in a pinch because you forgot your giant toolbox in your garage.

    11. A set of mini flashlights you'll reaaally wanna bring on your next camping trip for when you have to, uh, go at night. Plus, it's great to get into the habit of carrying around a small flashlight for crisis management situations.

    12. These collapsible silicone straws with carrying cases to make them super convenient to carry around for an impromptu iced coffee.

    13. A foldable microfiber towel that takes up way less space in your carry-on than a normal towel would but will still quickly dry you off (it's very absorbent) then be dry again itself in basically no time.

    14. This portable bottle blender for when you reaaally wanna start the day off with a healthy fruit smoothie before work but don't have time to do the whole nine yards at home.

    15. Your very own personal makeup stack that you can throw into your bag for touch-ups and be out the door in the blink of an eye.

    16. An Airfly wireless transmitter to actually make it possible to listen to in-flight entertainment using your wireless headphones or earbuds.

    17. These charcoal deodorizers that are perfect for eliminating lingering odors caused by dirty clothes or stinky shoes so you and all your hostel mates can breathe a liiiittle easier.

    18. A pack of unscented body wipes because you can use them while camping, after the gym, backpacking around the country, or in any case where access to a shower might be limited, but you still need to freshen up.

    19. This super useful portable door and window alarm you'll want immediately if you've listened to one too many episodes of My Favorite Murder and you're paranoid that a murderer will try to break into your hotel room while you're sound asleep.

    20. A tiny cupholder trash can to keep in your car because for whatever reason, your friends and family always seem to confuse your car seats with a dumpster and love leaving their gum and straw wrappers laying around. 🙄

    21. This portable curling iron so you can create beautiful, loose curls while you wait at the gate to board your flight (you would've done it at home, but you were too busy quadruple-checking that you grabbed your passport).

    22. A little migraine stick — you NEED to take it everywhere to alleviate those random headaches before they turn into a full-blown migraine.

    23. These silicone earplugs with a convenient carrying case so you can always have 'em on hand whether you're at a concert or braving construction outside your office.

    24. Multipurpose Dr. Bronner's soap (in mini form!!!) that'll come in handy for, well, anything you might need some suds for — washing your face, washing your hair, cleaning utensils, washing clothes, you get the picture.

    25. A compact umbrella you can leave in your purse or backpack for those spontaneous downpours that just seem to know exactly when you're ready to leave work or class.

    26. This itty, bitty tape measure because it's equipped to help you figure out measurements at a moment's notice — like if you're out at brunch and your mom calls you asking for your waist measurements because she's trying to figure out what size pants to get you. What? It's not like that would be the weirdest thing to happen.

    27. A pack of mini retractable pens because you never know when you'll need to jot something down in a pinch.

    28. Aaand these zipper pulls because they'll help you actually still be able to use zippers that break suddenly in the middle of your trip.

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