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    28 Gorgeous Pieces Of Furniture That Are Perfect For Small Spaces

    Say hello to Murphy-style desks and drop-leaf dining sets.

    1. A cute and colorful kitchen cart that doubles up on storage and counter space — ideal as an extra chopping station the next time you and your roomie are fighting over who gets to prep dinner where.

    The mint colored cart

    2. An aesthetically timeless storage bed which lifts up instead of having drawers that pull out — the perfect solution if your bed happens to be wedged in a tight, awkward spot. Plus, it compensates for the lack of closet space you might be experiencing if you have a city-based apartment (#me).

    3. An ingenious wall-mounted floating desk for a functional WFH spot even in the smallest of apartments. Plus, come quitting time, you can easily fold it away Murphy-bed style!

    The floating desk

    4. An ~expensive-looking~ bar cart that you can easily slide into any corner of your home. Use it to serve bevs, store glassware, or even place TV and tech accessories on it to glam up your living area.

    5. A seagrass storage ottoman for a gorgeous spot to hide a bunch of throw blankets (and other random stuff) in. Better yet, it also works as a decorative coffee table!

    6. A tall ladder bookshelf to vertically organize your belongings and display your collection of plant babies in a seamless, nonintrusive fashion.

    The black ladder shelf

    7. A pair of modern and stackable nesting tables that you can use together or separately as their own little end placements for your phone and 5 o'clock wine.

    The white tables

    8. An adjustable round drop-leaf dining table to upgrade your boring ol' rectangular one. This shape definitely feels more practical for a smaller space AND you can extend it once you're ready to have guests over. Otherwise, it tucks nicely against the wall for a quick meal for two.

    The white table

    9. A standing mirror that moonlights as an armoire, aka the crème de la crème of space-saving furniture. So now you can finally free up your surfaces from overflowing jewelry boxes and disguise any unsightly clutter instantly.

    The white mirror open revealing storage options

    10. An antique-inspired entertainment center with *plenty* of spacious compartments for your router, game console, whatever!

    The white entertainment center

    11. A bronze garment rack for an elegant, fuss-free way to display your bulky winter clothes that can't quite squeeze into your closet. You've always wanted your bedroom to resemble the look of a stylish Parisian boutique, anyway!

    The bronze rack

    12. A two-level glass marble coffee table that's reflective qualities and light color scheme will make your living room feel *so* much bigger. Not to mention, that second surface will make the perfect open display case for your collection of brag-worthy books.

    The glass and marble table

    13. A stylishly industrial two-tier hairpin desk if you're still trying to figure out your at-home office space. File this under: Practical, chic, and minimalist as heck.

    The wooden desk

    14. A studio apartment-friendly pub set with a faux marble top that comfortably seats two — because it might finally be time to swap out those dorm room TV trays for a more ~elevated~ dining experience.

    The faux marble pub set

    15. A neutral-toned bathroom cart to stash all your beauty products and bath items on. This is especially great if you have a pedestal sink with zero cabinet space.

    The white cart

    16. Multi-purpose wooden floating shelves if you don't have the square footage to house a library's worth of bookshelves, or enough cabinet space to hold all your toiletries in. TL;DR: You can place these in any room that's not really performing in the storage department.

    The wooden shelves

    17. A rustic coffee table with two wicker baskets to organize your household items and have everything from blankets to books on hand, but stored away neatly (as far as your eyes can see, of course).

    The coffee table

    18. A three-tiered floating plant stand (that looks equally chic on the ground, might I add) if your green thumb outgrew your space during quarantine. This elegant piece will allow your precious Pothos to grow from new and exciting heights.

    The plant stand

    19. A convenient side table to accessorize the arm of your go-to lounge spot. This discreetly slides under furniture to save space and is the perfect ledge to place your laptop on the next time you're working overtime and don't want to sit stooped over your couch.

    The vintage wooden C-shaped table

    20. A modern storage stool that opens up and makes for an attractive side table, nightstand, footrest, throne...I could go on...

    21. A glass and faux-marble console table to inject some elegánce into a small area. After all, sleek glass + light colors = less visual clutter.

    The console table

    22. A compact dining set for the coziest breakfast nook of your dreams. This has a drop-leaf table and stools that perfectly tuck away within the cart. I mean, could kitchenware get any cuter?!

    23. An acrylic chair that won't overwhelm a crowded area and instantly gives the illusion of more space. Plus, it wouldn't look half bad with a faux-fur rug draped over it. AKA, it's a ~clear~ winner for your home.

    The chair

    24. A coat rack and storage shelf to bring style, convenience, and order to a usually chaotic entryway — otherwise known as an extension of your already overrun closet.

    The coat rack

    25. A vanity table that doubles up as a storage solution to easily fit your entire makeup collection in. Even better, you can use it as a desk when you need to get away from your overcrowded living room that's basically become a WeWork during quarantine.

    26. A ridiculously gorgeous futon to put all other futons to shame. Honestly, this'll look amazing in any living room and it conveniently folds down into an extra bed (if you can't make the two steps to your bedroom after your five-hour movie marathon).

    27. A mid-century modern inspired nightstand which sits above the ground — creating the appearance of more space — and neatly stashes away any and all of your nighttime essentials.

    The brown and white nightstand

    28. Wall-mount shelves that fit flush within the corner of a room and have a unique design that makes them the perfect wall decoration all on their own — it's just an added bonus that they're sturdy enough to store a bunch of knickknacks on as well!

    The black shelves

    You, after redecorating your entire home:

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