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    18 Tweets That Sum Up Living With Other People

    "If you hear your roommate using your beard trimmer in the bathroom but they come out and look exactly the same, you should buy a new beard trimmer."

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    1. When passive aggressive notes get out of hand.

    On a lighter note, this sign, spotted at a Catholic Church, reads like a passive-aggressive flatmate angry with peo…

    2. When you need to start hiding your things.

    if u hear ur roommate using ur beard trimmer in the bathroom but they come out and look exactly the same u should buy a new beard trimmer

    3. When you're trying to be sneaky.

    when you tryna eat your roommate's food without them noticing.

    4. When you're caught in the act.

    When your housemate catches you stealing their food.

    5. When that one housemate decides it's time "we" tidied up.

    When your dirtiest housemate suggests we do a 'deep clean'

    6. When you don't know what you did to deserve this.

    Why do bad roommates happen to good people?

    7. When you've got thin walls and need to muffle the plop.

    8. When you're feeling petty.

    My flatmate pissed me off so I froze their cutlery into an ice block

    9. When you're horrified to discover new things about the people you live with.

    One of my flatmates opens their bread like this. I don't feel safe anymore.

    10. And when you get an insight into how they problem solve.

    My housemate's bottle of milk started leaking... pls look at what he's using to hold it all😭😭😭😭

    11. When you hear cute stories about other people's roommates.

    12. When you don't want your flatmate telling you what to do.

    My roommates fight over the AC has escalated to passive aggressive fridge notes! Look what my Jamaican roommate said

    13. And when they don't appreciate you telling them what to do.

    Told my roommate to stop putting her hair on the shower wall, came home to this

    14. When there's some inventions your roommates seem oblivious to.

    I hope someday my roommates learn about the dishwasher we have.

    15. When your housemate is someone you're not impressed by.

    when ur housemate brings a wrongun home from the club n u go in 2 rinse them the next mornin but they're still there

    16. When you come to realise that you share a home with people who lead very different lives.

    Me vs ma housemate ( he's from Surrey)

    17. When you're there for their lowest lows.

    18. And when they're there for you in your time of need.

    When you're ridiculously hungover and your roommate brings you water:

    Living with other people is okay, sometimes.

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