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    Guys, Tom From "500 Days Of Summer" Is Actually The Worst

    Entitlement levels off the goddamn charts.

    You know Tom Hansen from 500 Days of Summer? The guy who got his heart completely broken and we all felt kind of bad for?

    Well, he's kind of a dick.

    Think about it: The way he behaves in the early stages of his crush on Summer is borderline creepy.

    And he seems to suffer from some sort of "nice guy" complex.

    Seriously, his levels of entitlement are pretty out of this world.

    When they do get together, he decides to define their relationship. Even though Summer explicitly states that she doesn't really want to be anyone's girlfriend.

    And when she breaks up with him, it becomes clear that he'd decided they were in a serious relationship without asking her.

    He becomes super unprofessional at work, and makes a greeting card in which he basically calls Summer a "whore".

    He later goes on a massive rant before quitting. As if not wanting to work there gives him permission to be a total ass-hat.

    It's a rant in which he seems to think he is super woke about love, life, and um, greeting cards. At any moment, he could shout "WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!"

    Even worse than that, he is rude to poor, sweet Rhoda, who's just pitching her card ideas and, y'know, doing her job.

    And then he has the audacity to blame films and music for his sense of entitlement.

    Later, when Summer invites him to a party post-breakup, he's borderline delusional in what he expects to happen.

    And tbh, Tom seems pretentious AF. Not everyone will want to go to independent record stores with you, y'know.

    To top it all off, the icing on this cake of terribleness, he is really fucking rude to this woman who goes on a date with him. A woman who has done nothing wrong other than not be his ex-girlfriend.

    He even openly criticises her for not being Summer. This woman is the real victim in this movie tbh. She was probably hoping for a lovely evening and she got lumbered with this bullshit.

    In summary, Tom Hansen, you are a complete and utter...