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19 Times Chris Hemsworth Was Almost Too Perfect For Words

How is he real?

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2. When he shared this amazing caption with his dog.

Instagram: @chrishemsworth

3. TBH, all his Instagram captions are perfect.

4. When he shared this adorable photo:

8. And when he gave this summary of what to expect from the movie:


10. When he knew there was only one fight in 2017 that everyone wanted to see.

Biggest fight in combat sports history, sorry Mayweather/McGregor #ThorRagnarok

11. When he praised a fellow Marvel-movie Chris.

12. When he did his best to annoy Taika Waititi.

13. When he got this revenge on his fellow Avengers.


14. When he shared hit fitness routine:

Instagram: @chrishemsworth

15. When he showed everyone just how funny he can be in this promo video.

16. When he attempted a last-minute birthday cake for his daughter.

Instagram: @chrishemsworth

17. When he trolled his brother.

19. And finally, when he revealed which Disney character he relates to:

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