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    Updated on May 22, 2019. Posted on Nov 9, 2017

    19 Times Chris Hemsworth Was Almost Too Perfect For Words

    How is he real?

    1. When he talked about the seductive powers of the Thor wig.

    2. When he shared this amazing caption with his dog.

    3. TBH, all his Instagram captions are perfect.

    4. When he shared this adorable photo:

    5. When he imagined what Thor's favourite things to do on Earth would be:

    6. When he talked about being mistaken for his brother:

    7. When he got really into doing Thor: Ragnarok in 4D.


    8. And when he gave this summary of what to expect from the movie:

    9. When he roasted Captain America: Civil War.

    10. When he knew there was only one fight in 2017 that everyone wanted to see.

    Biggest fight in combat sports history, sorry Mayweather/McGregor #ThorRagnarok

    11. When he praised a fellow Marvel-movie Chris.

    12. When he did his best to annoy Taika Waititi.

    13. When he got this revenge on his fellow Avengers.

    14. When he shared hit fitness routine:

    15. When he showed everyone just how funny he can be in this promo video.

    16. When he attempted a last-minute birthday cake for his daughter.

    17. When he trolled his brother.

    18. When he said something really lovely about his wife:

    19. And finally, when he revealed which Disney character he relates to:

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