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    14 Things Women Do In Adverts That Honestly Make No Fucking Sense

    Washing our hair isn't as sexy as television makes it seem.

    1. Wear white shorts while on their period and look really chill about it.


    No woman would invite stress into their life like this.

    2. Appear to reach orgasm through touching their freshly washed hair.

    Herbal Essences

    If all it took was washing your hair to come, dry shampoo wouldn't exist any more.

    3. Brush their teeth with no toothpaste on the brush whatsoever.

    Oral B

    Rather than loads of toothpaste foam, which they would somehow get smeared on the side of their cheek.

    4. Eat yoghurt with the spoon upside down.


    See also: ice cream.

    5. Wax a completely hairless leg.


    6. Playfully cup and caress their faces after putting on some serum.


    Because in an ideal world, women would always be gently brushing their hands over one side of their faces while making direct eye contact with people.

    7. Keep chocolate in a luxurious box among trinkets, instead of in the cupboard.


    Because chocolate doesn't belong in the kitchen, it belongs with your sea shell collection.

    8. And close their eyes while eating ice cream to make it a more ~sensual~ experience .


    This applies to pretty much any phallic food. It's almost like they're trying to insinuate something. 👀

    9. Announce pregnancy to your friends by whipping out the actual test over a chat at the dining table.


    Just in case they don't believe you.

    10. Apply deodorant in one single, gentle swipe.


    11. And apply lotion by gently caressing their legs from ankle to thigh.


    While wearing the staple wardrobe of a TV advert lady – a silky robe.

    12. Laugh while in the shower as if the water is telling them a funny joke.


    "Haha, classic shower!" – this person probably.

    13. Shut their eyes and smile blissfully when putting on clothes washed with fabric softener.


    Before rubbing their clothes all over their face and doing a deep, creepy inhale.

    14. And wash their face by flinging water into the air with reckless abandon.


    Imagine cleaning that shit up every day.