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22 Things Everyone Has Secretly Done While On Their Period

Coughed to mask the obvious sound of you unwrapping a pad in the bathroom stall.

1. Waddled to the bathroom with your thighs clenched together because you can feel it.

2. Gotten someone to "check the back" when you come out of the bathroom.

3. Inconspicuously laid your jacket on your chair seat in case of...accidents.

4. Snuck your pad to the bathroom by putting it up your sleeve.

5. Done this face when you stand up after sitting down for ages.

6. And done this face when you wake up in the morning and everything has shifted in the night.

7. Coughed to mask the obvious sound of you unwrapping a pad in the bathroom stall.

8. Tried to hold in a sneeze because who knows what might happen?

9. Asked someone at work for a pad or tampon and then been really clandestine about it as if you were dealing drugs.

10. Made a makeshift pad out of toilet paper when you didn't have any actual pads to hand.

11. Crossed your legs really tightly whenever you sit down, in an attempt to stop the unstoppable flow.

12. Rushed to the bathroom because your "my uterus is falling out of me" cramps were actually "I urgently need to shit" cramps.

13. Confused your own butt sweat for leaking all over yourself.

14. Doubled up on a pair of knickers to decrease the chance of leakage.

15. Inspected the tissue after wiping to see how much damage is being done down there.

16. Been both incredibly grossed out and weirdly satisfied by the size of a blood clot.

17. Worn a tampon or pad just that little bit longer than you’re supposed to.

18. Woken up in a small puddle of your own blood after a heavy night.

19. Exclusively worn black knickers for five days to the mourn the loss of your uterus’s unfertilised offspring.

20. Secretly worn a heat pad or hot water bottle under your clothing to ease the pain.

21. Stayed in the toilet for an extra long time because all the blood didn't flush the first time.

22. And picked an outfit solely based on how bloated/heavy you are.