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    21 Things That Are So Damn True When You're A Messy Girl

    You lose so many hair clips.

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    1. Your wardrobe is practically empty because all your clothes permanently reside on the floor.

    2. Going to sleep means sharing a bed with your laundry.

    Me: I'll throw my clean laundry on the bed so that I HAVE to fold it before I go to sleep Me five minutes later:

    Twitter: @beesandcows

    3. Mirror selfies are always ruined by the mess in your room.

    Excuse the mess, but awkward mirror selfie bc outfit and I never post selfies on here

    Twitter: @goddamndoors

    4. Because you "forget" to vacuum, your floor ends up being around 90% your hair.

    Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

    5. But when you do clean, you end up finding a pile of missing essentials.

    6. You have a tendency to hoard mugs in your room.

    7. And water bottles. So many water bottles.

    8. Shelves in your home look like this.

    Twitter: @Lady_Sgt_Pepper

    Alongside books and movies, your shelves contain loads of snacks and rubbish.

    9. You feel bad for the people who have to live with your mess, and you've been left a few passive-aggressive notes.

    10. And you can't seem to throw out takeaway menus or anything that comes through the post.

    11. You've learned to not wear white because you're also a messy eater.

    12. Which means you're not above getting crumbs in your bra.

    when you drop crumbs in your bra & have to reach in to get them out

    Twitter: @gracee_abel

    13. People tend to underestimate what you mean when you say "messy".

    14. But whenever anyone offers to help, you insist it's not that bad.


    15. Finding matching earrings or socks is an actual miracle for you.

    16. And you find the most random shit in your pockets.

    17. And you've definitely had some disasters while doing your hair and makeup that mean your carpet is stained for life.

    18. Tidying up means finding countless items of clothing you don't even remember buying.

    19. And cleaning out your bag is a wild experience.

    Twitter: @iceycupcake12

    You're practically Mary Poppins with all the stuff you carry around in there.

    20. Whenever your room is clean and tidy, you vow to keep it that way forever.

    21. But all it takes is you getting ready to undo all of that hard work.

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