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Mar 11, 2018

These 14 Yes Or No Questions Will Reveal Whether You're Actually More Type A Or Type B

Are you pretty chill or actually not chill at all?

  1. Do you tend to welcome spontaneous plans?

  2. Have you ever packed for a trip on the day you're actually going?

  3. Do you tend to lead group projects?

  4. Do you consider being ten minutes late to something as actually late?

  5. Would you describe yourself as patient?

  6. Do you often feel guilty about relaxing?

  7. Do you feel like you have more energy in the evening compared to the morning?

  8. Do you find it easy to let go of little things that are annoying you?

  9. Do you care if you don't win a board game?

  10. Does having a messy work space affect your concentration?

  11. Would you be upset at the prospect of spending a day off running errands?

  12. Do you make noncompetitive things into a competition?

  13. Are you flexible when there's a change of plans?

  14. Do you ever make an itinerary before going on holiday?

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