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18 Times Women Were The Most Supportive People On The Planet

Women supporting women >>>> anything else.

1. When this friend offered some sage advice:

Girl on the train advising her friend who has had a crap day that she doesn’t have to choose between chicken kievs and pizza for dinner, put the chicken kiev on the pizza. That’s the kind of support you need after a tough one.

2. When a mystery hero made someone's evening better:

I got myself a wrap on my way home at 2am & a girl outside stopped me and said “my boyfriend’s stormed off. do you want his chips?” and she gave them to me and got in her uber alone and sped away into the night. i miss her.

3. When this woman was there for someone going through a seriously rough time:

I was driving for uber today & this girl gets in the car. I ask her hows her day been & she breaks down. She tells me that she flew alone from Texas to see a guy & he abandoned her so I did what I would want someone to do for me. I invited her to hang out with my friends & I.

4. When this girl was always prepared:

A girl in my sorority once ran across campus to bring me a battery for my insulin pump because I was in lab, & today she pulled out a handful of batteries and said she carries them around just in case I need one and it's honestly the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.

5. When this girl was really looking out for someone:

6. When this girl stepped in to help, even if she didn't need to:

Ricky was just acting like he wasn’t my bf at the gym, saying to me “you look nice in those leggings, can I take you out some time?” This girl (that I don’t know) comes up to me and says “hey you ready to leave?” I informed her he was my bf BUT GIRL I APPRECIATE YOU

7. When these two people shared a landmark moment:

a baby was staring at me in target so i started waving to her & she waved back & the mom whipped around & was like OMG & i was like oh sorry i was just waving to your baby & she was like THAT WAS THE 1ST TIME SHES WAVED & me & this mom SCREAMED in the store bc we were so excited

8. When someone decided to shoot their shot to get a new friend:

she shot her shot for friendship and now we r besties 😩❤️❤️

9. When a drunk girl was truly generous:

A drunk girl in the bathroom of the function hugged me so hard the back of my earring fell out so she literally took OFF her own earring and gave me her earring back... 2018 is all about femme solidarity and nothing less

10. When a woman was there to help someone out:

guy: ...just one drink me: no thank you guy: come on it's just a drink me: look, i'm sorry I just want to read my book while i wait for my bf guy: what ur bf doesn't let you have friends? random woman: Clara? Hi! *hugs* (whispers) u ok? women are great

11. When this girl went all-out to be helpful:

i asked this girl where she got her nails done&she googled the exact address & showed me a pic of the building THATS girls supporting girls

12. When this classmate made a thoughtful gesture:

13. When these women were cheering a stranger on:

I just left to go get a bagel wearing my “dump him” shirt and I passed a group of women having brunch who started yelling “dump him!!” at me so I stopped and said “right??!” and they yelled “yes!! dump him!!” anyway sometimes people are good

14. When this woman did all she could for her girlfriend:

I suffer from anxiety but lately depression has severely taken over my mentality and instead of setting me off and not understanding, my fiancé is learning to educate herself with depression and if I’m not the luckiest person alive then idk who is 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

15. When a chance meeting helped spark an actual, IRL friendship.

happy story! i, a drunk girl in a bathroom, recently met another drunk girl in a bathroom, and we, drunk bathroom girl style, bonded over nothing but compliments and love and were all like WE HAVE TO HANG OUT AND BE FRIENDS!! last night, we hung out and actually got along sober!

16. When these girls were accidentally added into a groupchat by a guy and really made it their own.

17. When a friendship was struck up really easily:

Just saw a girl at the gym with the most gorgeous skin ever so I complimented her and now, we're friends. She put me onto some bomb music at the gym and we did abs together. See how this works ladies???? Real women lift up other women

18. And when this woman made someone's night out that little bit better:

Some lass was complaining about her toes not being painted last night in the smoking shelter n then this happened. I LOVE GIRLS

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