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18 Hilarious Picture Tweets About Kids Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

How are they so effortlessly funny?

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1. This affectionate kid.

2. This baby who probably has a promising career in gymnastics.

3. This photogenic niece.

4. This kid's amazing Halloween costume.

5. This little sister who packed the essentials.

6. This kid living his best life.

LMFAOOOOOOOOO I just walked in on my son eating wings in the bathtub 😭😭😭

7. This observant daughter.

8. This savage AF kid.

9. This kid's unlikely companion.

10. And this one who was straight to the point.

11. These thoughtful children.

12. And this passive-aggressive kid.

13. This cousin who loves her Christmas present.

14. This kid who tried really hard to be sneaky.

15. This kid who made an interesting spelling error.

16. This fiercely loyal 9-year-old.

17. This baby who's chanelling the Arthur meme.

18. And this kid who dramatically improved this shopping list.