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21 Wild AF Things Actual People Have Believed About Sex

"I thought the penis just stayed inside the vagina. No thrusting or anything. I thought thrusting was just for the kinky."

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the wildest misconception they've ever heard about sex. Here are some of their responses!


"My sister told me that when a man got an erection it made his testicles perfectly spherical."

– Bethany Aston via Facebook


"I believed that there was a thing called 'rainbow sex' when I was younger, which was when a girl and guy mixed his cum and her period blood together and kissed with it in their mouths. I was a pretty horrified 10-year-old to say the least..."

– Emily Robinson via Facebook


"During a hall-of-residence chat about oral sex one night, one girl said she'll never swallow. Another said 'Oh yeah. The taste.' The girl replied, 'Yeah, I don't want to get pregnant either.' We rolled with the chat until it registered. Until then, she believed you can get pregnant from swallowing."

– Cat Alle via Facebook


"When I was little I thought sex was done in front of your entire family and it was a celebration like a birthday party."



"This girl I knew in high school would only give her boyfriend hand jobs but WOULD NEVER let him finish because she thought if she got his cum on her hands she could get pregnant 'because osmosis.'"



"A teacher I had in college volunteered at a clinic and was counselling a teen girl who was stunned to find herself pregnant because she and her boyfriend 'used butter.' When my teacher asked her to elaborate, the girl explained that she put butter on herself to block sperm because ejaculate is water and water and oil don't mix."



"During sex ed, I was told that it was okay to have sex at night, because sperm would be sleeping. THANK GOD I became gay and never made this mistake."



"When I was younger I understood the whole ‘man puts his penis inside woman’s vagina’ bit but I though after that the man peed inside the woman and that was the ‘sex’."

– ellacpc


"When I learned about sex I didn't learn about erections, so for the longest time I thought it worked like putting a hotdog in a bun."

– rowanl4643071de


"My best friend in secondary school thought giving head meant to kneel down in front of a guy, put their dick on top of your head and bounce up and down."



"An eighteen/nineteen-year-old woman told me that if you had anal, your butt cheeks would get bigger. Like that was a way to get a rounder, more Kardashian-esque booty. Someone had her seriously convinced."



"I thought the penis just stayed inside the vagina. No thrusting or anything. I thought thrusting was just for the kinky."



"A friend of mine thought that penises vibrated. She thought vibrators only vibrated to prepare you for the real thing."

– emilyl4cdaf24ea


"My ex-boyfriend, when he was 21, got worried when I didn't go pee after sex like I usually did. Come to find out, he thought that was how I got all the sperm out and kept from getting pregnant. To this day the implications baffle me. Like, did he think he was climaxing in my bladder? Did he think a vagina and bladder were the same thing? I will never know."



"When I was in middle school I thought a condom was kinda like a male tampon. Like, they would just stick it into their urethra and they’d pull it back out after sex. Yikes"



"A neighbour, in his early twenties, who has a child already, told us last week that if you only have one testicle you are infertile because one testicle makes the sperm and the other one makes 'the juice.'"



"That if you get the guy off once outside the woman (blow job, hand job, whatever) then after that he can come inside her and not get her pregnant because all the sperm comes out in the first batch. Yes, the friend who told me that got pregnant."



"I was like 9 when I first heard the term ‘oral sex’ on Dr Phil and I thought it meant you role played having sex. I thought you would say out loud 'puts penis in vagina' 'moans' etc."



"That women's boobs will squirt milk every time they orgasm."



"We were told in sex education that women usually orgasm before or after penetrative sex, not during. So for ages I didn't realise that something had to be happening to make a woman have an orgasm, I thought it just sort of happened spontaneously."



"A girl at school believed that she couldn’t get STDs from anal or oral sex because 'eventually you’ll just poop it out'. She was seventeen."


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