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    18 Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud If You're Desi

    "You can't get nazar if your life already sucks."

    1. These expectations.

    2. These horrible surprises.

    3. And this...confusion.

    4. This solid logic.

    5. This ~transformation~.

    6. This advantage and disadvantage.

    7. This misunderstanding.

    White people: "can you speak Indian?" Me: "Indian isn't a language" White people:

    8. This really good point.

    Threats in Urdu/Punjabi dont even make sense. How the fuck am i meant to eat a slap bruv??

    9. And this benefit major benefit of Asian weddings.

    I'm glad Asian weddings are so long because if u see a buffting at one event u will see them like 2/3 more times

    10. This motivation.

    11. This everyday struggle.

    12. This amazing use of language.

    13. These future plans.

    14. This geography lesson.

    15. This parental pressure.

    Behind every successful woman are her parents... wondering why she hasn't found someone yet and when she plans on getting married.

    16. This beautiful glow-up.

    17. This frustration.

    18. And this absolutely perfect response.