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    17 Badass POC Comic Book Characters You Really Need To Know About

    Black Panther and beyond.

    1. Cindy Moon (Silk)

    2. Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel)

    3. Miles Morales (Spider-Man)

    4. T'Challa (Black Panther)

    5. Lunella Lafayette (Moon Girl)

    6. Cassandra Cain (Batgirl)

    7. John Stewart (Green Lantern)

    8. Sam Wilson (The Falcon)

    9. Riri Williams (the new Iron Man)

    10. Victor Stone (Cyborg)

    11. Nico Minoru

    12. Luke Cage (Power Man)

    13. Misty Knight

    14. Laura Wilson

    15. America Chavez (Miss America)

    16. Tatsu Yamashiro (Katana)

    17. Ororo Munroe (Storm)

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