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Here's What Your Teenage Emo Heartthrobs Look Like Now

RIP Patrick Stump's mutton chops.

1. Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy shed his mutton chops and stepped more into the limelight.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

2. And Pete is still a Fall Out Bae.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

3. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco hasn't aged because he's presumably a vampire.

Scott Gries / Getty Images
D Dipasupil / Getty

4. Ditto Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.

Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images
Jason Miller / Invision / AP

5. Whereas Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon, who's been in the band since he was a teen, is an actual grownup now.

Jo Hale / Getty Images

6. Tyson Ritter from The All-American Rejects still has defined AF cheekbones.

Scott Gries / Getty Images
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

7. Ryan Ross, formerly of Panic! At The Disco, has sadly ditched his elaborate eye makeup.

Stephen Chernin / AP

8. In fact there's a distinct eye-makeup absence. We miss you, Frank Iero's red eyeliner.

Carley Margolis / FilmMagic / Getty

9. And Gerard Way's peroxide crop is long gone.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

10. Benji Madden of Good Charlotte no longer works leopard-print hair and vertical eyeliner.

Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage / Getty Images
Mark Sullivan / WireImage / Getty Images

11. But Joel Madden is still really into hats.

James Devaney / WireImage
Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images

12. Jared Leto from Thirty Seconds To Mars has had countless style changes over the years but settled back on being clean shaven.

Peter Kramer / Getty Images
Mike Windle / Getty

13. While Adam Lazzara from Taking Back Sunday has done the very opposite.

Harold Cook / FilmMagic / Getty Images
Duane Prokop / Getty Images

And we're still crushing just as hard.

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