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People Had Very Strong Feelings About Paul Hollywood Dunking A Jaffa Cake On "Bake Off"

To think we're only one episode in.

OK, so a lot went down during the Jaffa Cake challenge on last night's "Bake Off". Contestants were unsure what side the chocolate went on...


Which people just didn't get.

Adding 'must know which way up a jaffa cake goes' to my dating profile #GBBO

Have these people never seen a Jaffa cake before?! Chocolate side down?!

An opportunity for an excellent joke was missed...

If Mary Berry doesn't do "Full moon. Half moon. Total eclipse!" then pull the plug on the rest of this series. #gbbo

But most importantly, Paul Hollywood dipped a damn Jaffa Cake in tea.


People thought it was pretty out of order.

If someone dipped a Jaffa cake into tea in my home they'd be immediately asked to leave #GBBO

There was outrage.

I think the BBC needs to issue a full apology after showing Paul Hollywood dunking a Jaffa Cake in a cup of tea. Disgusting behaviour

And disgust.

Never been so disgusted watching Paul Hollywood dunk a Jaffa cake in his tea..

Mary's facial expression here pretty much sums up the nation at that moment.


But it turns out there are actually other people out there who dip Jaffa Cakes in tea, and they showed solidarity.

I'm losing friends for suggesting Paul was right about dunking the jaffa cake in #bakeoff it's been one episode and there's already a war

Jaffa cake dipped in tea is a winner, Mary doesn't know what she's missing out on

As for Paul, after this biscuity shitstorm he was like, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

  1. What do you think – is dipping Jaffa Cakes in tea gross or not?

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What do you think – is dipping Jaffa Cakes in tea gross or not?
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    Yes, it's sacrilege!
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    No, it's pretty great.

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