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21 Things You'll Just Get If You Only Wear Black

No thanks, my outfit doesn't need a "pop of colour".

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1. There's a great deal of distress when the shades of black you're wearing are slightly different.

2. And you know the frustration of when something says online that it's black but it is in fact a dark, dark grey.

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Nope, this simply will not do.

3. You despair when you see a lovely item of clothing but realise they don't stock it in your signature colour.

4. Although you're not afraid to bust out the fabric dye if need be.

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5. Because you can't help but think clothes just look better in black.

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6. All of your online shopping goes through this process.

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7. You feel a sense of confusion when people suggest you "break up all that black" with some colour.

8. The all-black look has spread to parts of your wardrobe most people don't even see.

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9. As well as to your gym gear, because a consistent aesthetic is pretty important to you.

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10. In fact, you start to decide that all the fabrics you own might as well be this colour.

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11. In the summer, you frequently feel like you're absorbing ALL THE HEAT.

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12. Summer in general is a pain because shops start bringing in more ~vibrant~ offerings.

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I don't WANT an orange jumpsuit with a floral print on it, I want a slight variation on the 12 black dresses I currently own.

13. You feel very smug in the knowledge that if you spill something on yourself, it's not all that noticeable.


14. And because a lot of your stuff looks identical, nobody will notice how many days in a row you've worn those jeans for.


15. Laundry is easy because you don't need to separate things by colour.

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16. If you're a pet owner, wearing all black comes with its own unique set of problems.

when you only wear black but still gotta love your pets

17. Dress codes that involve wearing colour make you feel all panicky.

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18. Sometimes people assume your personality and interests must match your wardrobe.

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You don't have to be morbid to enjoy a strong look.

19. And "Wednesday Addams" is a comparison you often receive.

Though you take that as a compliment — her contrast-collar dresses are pretty enviable.
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Though you take that as a compliment — her contrast-collar dresses are pretty enviable.

20. Finding stuff in your wardrobe is near enough impossible.

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BRB, just rifling through 10 black T-shirts for the one I actually want.

21. But at least you never need to worry about clashing.