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    Updated on May 6, 2019. Posted on Oct 3, 2016

    19 Beautiful Proposal Stories That Will Warm Your Frozen Heart

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their heartwarming proposal stories. Here are some of their responses!

    1. This artistic proposal.

    "My then-boyfriend had arranged for an artist friend to be at our local farmers market and I thought we were just sitting for a sketch to help her out. When she turned to show me the finished piece, he had gotten down on one knee! I was so surprised! I loved that he had already arranged someone to snap photos of the moment. The sketch is framed now and an awesome reminder of that special day!"

    Submitted by pamt4cc5ca8c0.

    2. And this beautiful book one.

    "My husband wrote a book detailing how we met and highlights from our relationship, complete with rhymes and hand-drawn pictures. The last page showed him asking me to marry him and when I looked up, he was on one knee with a ring."

    Submitted by ksquirkyteacher.

    3. This proposal that made sure to include an important person.

    "I’m obsessed with my dog and usually check over him every night before bed for ticks. I got out of the shower, changed, and sat on the bed. My dog came out of the blankets that he burrows under, and attached to his collar was an engagement ring. My boyfriend said, 'I know Diesel is the love of your life, but you are the love of mine. Will you marry me?' It was so perfect that he included my little love, who is also going to be our ring bearer."

    Submitted by ayekitty.

    4. This Harry Potter proposal.

    "My boyfriend took me to the Harry Potter studio tour this month decked out in our house colours (me in my Ravenclaw outfit, he in his Slytherin tie). I had been waiting for this day for forever and I was fangirling as soon as I stepped in the door. Right after an unsuccessful Butterbeer tasting, he suggested we go walk on the Covered Bridge set piece. We got to the middle of it and then he turned around, dropped down to one knee, ring in hand, and said, 'Will you marry me?' I said yes to my best friend in literally the most magical place on earth."

    Submitted by christinecho.

    5. This Pokémon proposal.

    "My soon-to-be husband proposed to me using a giant Pokémon Go egg he constructed himself. He let me know while I was in the house that there was a rare Pokémon on the loose inside of our house. I finally found the egg within our bedroom that not only contained the plush of my fave Pokémon, Clefairy, but a beautifully constructed wooden box holding my ring. He got down on one knee and after years of raising a child together and living blissfully, we are looking forward to our lives as a happily married couple!"

    Submitted by ruthieanns.

    6. This fortune cookie proposal.

    "My husband and I have been going out for Chinese food together since before we were even dating. Early on, he started a superstition that you have to eat your fortune cookie before reading the fortune for it to come true. Then we would read each other's fortune. One night, we finished eating, ate our fortune cookies and he read his fortune (aka switched with one he made) and then handed it to me. One side said, "The love of your life is very near you," and the other side said, "Will you marry me?" While I read, he pulled out the ring and got down on one knee."

    Submitted by Amy Overmier Holt, Facebook.

    7. And this beautifully creative one.

    "Almost three years ago, my boyfriend made me these photos of us for our anniversary. They’ve been hanging on the wall between my bedroom and bathroom ever since. This past April, I was in the washroom getting ready and came out to ask how my hair looked. Justin was standing there, just staring beyond my head, and I said 'I know, it looks silly.' He nodded for me to turn around and he had put 'Will you marry me?' in a speech bubble on the photo of him. When I turned around, he was down on one knee with my grandmother’s engagement ring."

    Submitted by ciaracormier.

    8. The Star Wars proposal that involved help from some friends.

    "We had planned to go see Star Wars with some friends that opening night (we're huge Star Wars fans.) One of my friends met up with me, we got our tickets, and we looked for our group of friends. When I walked towards the room for the movie, I saw them all waiting. At that moment, my best friend's boo, the closest one to me, showed a paper from his hand, and everyone followed after him in a line. The word-for-word line-up said 'Will You Marry Me?', my boyfriend being the “Me” part."

    Submitted by e41a9ec043.

    9. This proposal that's honestly so thoughtful.

    "I came home from work to find a trail of cards around my house. Each card had a picture of us and inside was a memory, or a song lyric, or reasons that he loves me. The last one warned me that a taxi would pick me up and I was to put on something nice and be ready. The taxi took me into Edinburgh city centre and finally stopped outside the Museum of Scotland. One seemingly endless lift ride took me to the restaurant at the top, where I was directed outside to a private roof terrace lit by candles where he was waiting for me."

    Submitted by misskham.

    10. This brilliant bridge proposal.

    "Some of our friends were in town and my best friend convinced me to go to the mall with her. She got me all dressed up and we drove to meet our friends for dinner. Once we got there, she blindfolded me and led me somewhere, and once the blindfold was undone, I looked around and was in the middle of a bridge that had lights and pictures from throughout our relationship strung alongside it. He told me a lot of amazingly sweet things and then asked me to marry him!"

    Submitted by chloer11.

    11. This penguin-themed proposal.

    "I was proposed to in the penguin enclosure at Longleat. My fiancé started telling me how penguins mate for life and male penguins propose by giving a pretty pebble to lady penguins. With that he produced a ring box and said, 'I don’t have a pebble but I do have this!' I started flapping my arms and squeaking, which caused all the penguins to copy and do the same!"

    Submitted by ashleighc4b31d3416.

    12. This on-the-job proposal.

    "The last day before Christmas break my assistant principal came to get me from my class saying she needed my help to go over an upcoming exam, leaving a sub in my classroom. A few minutes later my teacher partner messaged her to say she needed us both back because a student was acting up. As I walked into my classroom my head was down, going over the exam still. I looked up to see my then boyfriend and my 10-year-old son standing at the front of my classroom with a bouquet of flowers. I immediately screamed and ran out of the room. Upon my return I saw all my students in T-shirts that said 'Dear Mrs Rivers please say yes!'"

    Submitted by emmyriverss.

    13. This softball proposal.

    "I arranged a private tour of Safeco Field (home to the Seattle Mariners). We are both crazy into softball and we share a love of baseball so it was fitting. I invited family and a small group of close friends to join us. We reached a point in the tour where I had one of my friends hand over four envelopes to my girlfriend labelled 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, and finally Home Plate. Each had a song lyric or quote that was special to us. The last envelope instructed her to meet me at Home Plate. There I was waiting for her, got down on one knee and asked her to spend her forever with me."

    Submitted by adriennec48fa9e042.

    14. This proposal that will make you re-evaluate the romance of forks.

    "When Jess and I first started dating, we came upon a greeting card that made us simultaneously laugh and feel overwhelming amounts of love: 'If I had a fork for every time I thought of you, I’d have drawers and drawers and drawers of forks.' We continue to infuse this sentiment into our relationship by saying, 'All the forks!'

    "For our proposal, I thought it would be the perfect time to express to Jess how many forks I have from thinking of her. Upon arriving home, there was a small box on the counter. Once she finally opened the wrapped box (she opens them meticulously, no tearing of wrapping for her), there laid a simple, silver fork engraved with the words 'marry me'."

    Submitted by jessicam409af5776.

    15. This cinema proposal.

    "Not me but my parents. They met in theatre in college and are both big Disney fans. The Little Mermaid had just been rereleased in theatres and they went to see it. Why my mom didn’t know is that my dad had been to the movie theatre earlier in the week and had talked to the manager and had a custom ad made. It was just them and an older couple when it came on the screen. It said 'Trisha, will you marry me?' And she looked over to see him kneeling on the sticky floor."

    Submitted by rosebunches218.

    16. This murder-mystery proposal.

    "My best friend planned a birthday party for her and I which was a medieval-themed murder mystery party. We were all dressed up in medieval costumes and had the entire house decorated. At the end of the game when it was announced that I was the murderer, there was a sudden twist and the lights were all shut off. I felt a tap on my back and when I turned around I could see the shadow of someone on the floor.

    "The lights turned back on and there he was with the ring and asked me to marry him. I was completely shocked, started crying like a baby and said yes. Through my tears I managed to tell him that I wished my parents had been there. He told me to turn around, and when I did there they were along with my sister standing right behind me, which led to many more tears."

    Submitted by cristinag432c8602f.

    17. This proposal that their daughter got to be a part of.

    "My now husband was on leave from basic training at Christmas time. We were all at his parents' house opening up presents when he said he was going to change our then 2-month-old daughter. He comes back and she’s in an outfit I’d never seen before, he hands her to me and is on one knee. Of course I said yes!"

    Submitted by emilyf4b233f528.

    18. This proposal that might make you cry a lot.

    "Ashley’s extremely close to her grandmother and when her Nana was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, she hopped on a bus from NY to VA to be with her in her last months. Her big fear was that Nana wouldn’t get to see her married, have kids, etc. The day after she left I went to buy the ring and drove down to meet her in the hospital. I casually brought up the fact that Nana and Poppa had the kind of marriage I wanted, being together 50+ years. Nana said, “I don’t know what you're waiting for.” I asked if that meant that I had her blessing. She exclaimed, 'Of course!'

    "I got down on one knee, Ashley said yes, and the next morning she and Nana were on the hospital bed together looking through bridal magazines. Nana passed away two weeks later but at least she got to be there for the engagement, gave her blessing, and our future child will be her namesake."

    Submitted by jasonsickerthanuraveragew.

    19. And this sweet, simple proposal.

    "My husband and I used to write each other notes on each other’s backs with our fingers before bed, like 'I love you' and whatnot. One night after an amazing date night we were lying in bed and he was writing little things on my back, and he spelled out 'will you marry me', and when I rolled over he was holding my ring smiling."

    Submitted by mrsfowler6908.

    Note: submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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