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Everyone Thinks This "Bake Off" Contestant Made Dick Bread And We're Lost For Words

It can't be unseen.

This week was bread week on Bake Off, and for his showstopper, contestant Tom decided to make a serpent and Thor's hammer.

But as he was making the hammer, Mel pointed out it looked a bit like...something else.

But Tom wasn't going along with this.

Tbh, Mel definitely wasn't the only one to notice.

He's made dick bread I'm crying #GBBO

We've jumped the innuendo ship people, we've jumped the innuendo ship, someone is making penis bread #GBBO

But with his hammer/T-shaped/dick bread, he went on to win Star Baker!

When a guy makes bread in the shape of a penis on #GBBO he gets star baker but when I did it in Food Tech at school I got detention.

Hopefully this is just the start of genital-shaped cakes on GBBO.

Glad that the penis bread won star baker. Vagina cupcakes next week please #GBBO

And as a bonus, enjoy the dick-bread in it's fully baked glory.